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Usui Reiki is light, in its true nature it is pure light”. © international 1999.   

When various phrases are translated from Japanese you hear Reiki Light; during a healing session you are filled with Reiki light.  

During a healing session universal energy goes to the core of cells that are causing symptom bringing balance and surrounding with harmony. Then Reiki light shines outward healing . If the cause is in meridian lines, chakras, light body centers, or other it doesn’t matter.   What is in balance and surrounded by harmony heals in the way that is best for the receiver at that junction in time.  

During a healing session Universal energy even flows to cells in need before symptoms have happened and shines outward from all cells in need through mind, body, spirit and energy field (aura), repairing, rebuilding and strengthening.

You are more than your body; a broken spirit can cause illnesses. Reiki flows to the whole life receiving, including mind, body, spirit and more. 

Your body constantly being in a state of regeneration requires a lot of energy. Energy is the base of everything. In each relaxing healing session, the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki flows to where is needed to either begin or enhance healing for complete physical & mental Wellbeing.

You are more than your body; a broken spirit can cause illnesses, which is why the  universal enrgy in Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai Usui Reiki flows to the whole life receiving.

Mind, body, and spirit are not separate from each other. Anxiety and worry in everyday life can cause physical illnesses; even allergic reactions can be triggered by stress. 


The piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki is for all live forms.  The only difference between People Reiki and Animal Reiki is the location of the healing session; with dogs, I sit with them on the floor.

Following are some reviews by my clients, you will find more on other pages,

I’ve seen Roberta a couple of times for Reiki and felt healing and peace. I would highly recommend her.” — Dawn

 It’s so simple and feels so great.”–Allison 

Usui Reiki Ryoho does not require tools/material objects as used in other healing modalities.  The pure universal vibrations of love and harmony that flow through me to the life receiving is all that is needed. Each person is unique, and my hands are guided by inharmonic vibrations so that Usui Reiki flows to the cause of any illness/injury–sometimes before any symptoms appear.

Because some illness and injuries require multiple sessions, I take this into consideration as you see with reduced fees as you read on.  Usui Reiki flows to wherever is needed and also supports other heling modalities. 

The benefits of the guided meditations I give into a person past or pars life can increase by beginning with a full Usui Reiki healing Session followed by the guided meditation.  This takes approximately 2 hours; scrolling down you will see the fees, or you can contact me for details. 

Read on to learn more or call 207-445-5671 and schedule an appointment for yourself, relative, pet or friend.  Gift certificates are available. 

People often schedule weekly or monthly healing sessions to maintain their wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.

As was said in the movie Patch Adams, “You treat the disease you can win or lose, but when you treat the whole person, and you win every time.” 

Each of my Healing Sessions begins and ends with a focused Japanese technique, which adds to the level of wellbeing. 

This client hands are in Gasho, which means thank you while honoring you; it is common in styles honoring Usui Reiki Ryoho as it was created. Reiju with Japanese Reiki healing sessions

Each healing session is safe and nonintrusive as universal energy flows through clothing and even casts to the core of the cells in need.

In Usui Reiki healing you do not have change your normal routine prior to or following the healing session. 

 Healing gently happens as universal energy flow to the core of cells causing symptoms and those in need; the cells are brought into balance and surrounded by harmony as is best for the person, animal, or other receiving. You simply relax fully clothed, except for shoes, while Usui Reiki flows to where is needed.   

Usui Reiki supports other positive healing modalities.  Having healing sessions following an accident, other trauma, surgical procedure or medical treatments helps the person, or animal, receiving to heal faster and better than expected, and lowers the need for pain medication.

As Dr. Emoto’s experiments proved water molecules water change chape and strcuture according to the emotions and thoughts surrounding them.  Your body is 73% to 90% water, so imagine when universal unconditional love and harmony is flowing into and around your body.   

Usui Reiki forms a restorative healing rhythm within the whole life form. . .  integrated healing at its best!  

Reiki for animalsUsui Reiki Ryoho is not divided into People Reiki and Animal Reiki. Usui Reiki flows to all life forms. 

 When people bring in their dogs, they usually schedule a mini session because animals are so receptive to Usui Reiki that mini sessions is usually perfect for their healing.

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai each embrace Usui Reiki Ryoho as it was created by Mikao Usui <what are Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai>

The number of healing sessions required varies with each person or animal and each injury or illness. The longer an injury or illness has been left unattended, the longer it takes to heal. <What is Reiki>


Full Reiki Healing Sessions, are 45 to 90 minutes of healing relaxation while mind, body and spirit receive the universal vibrations of balance and harmony as needed.  Relax and heal in a Reiki healing session – $70.00 by cash or check at time of the session.

Having monthly or bi-weekly healing sessions helps to keep your mind, body and spirit at the level where you are better able to handle most anything that comes your way. 

Multiple sessions are best for some illness, traumas and injuries.  If you have five (5) sessions within a 10-week period, the fifth session is at no charge/free.  This means you are only paying $56.00 per session.

Usui Reiki flowing to where is needed in mind, body or spirit while you relax fully is the perfect healing break for mind, body and spirt. 

Combing one of my original guided meditations combined with a full Reiki healing session gives that extra, especially in causes where any type of trauma is involved.  A guided meditation combined with a full Japanese Usui Reiki Healing session, lasting approximately 2 hours is $120.00. 

Mini Reiki healing sessions, perfect for young children and dogs lasting approximately 20 to 30 minutes are $35.00.

You can either pay by check or cash at the time of the session or prepay once you have scheduled a day and time; whichever is easier for you.


Sessions fees through PayPal are non-refundable; it is important that you call 207-445-5671 to schedule a time before paying through PayPal.

When giving a Full Japanese Reiki healing session as a gift you can either use PayPal or send a check for $70.00 through postal mail. Once I have received payment and know your postal mailing address or Email address a gift certificate and easy driving directions is sent to you.

Experience natural healing energy

When your mind, body and spirit are in-balance and with harmony, a healing rhythm is created that can make all areas of your life take on a magical glow. 

I also offer guided meditations into your past.  Your subconscious knows where you need to go, which can be a time in your current life that you need to see through adult eyes or something in a past life that is best for you to see today.

People often feel stress melting as they view their past through different eyesEach person is unique, and the private guided meditations I give into the current past or a past life are unique to that person at that time and his or her situation.   <melting stress>

My original guided meditations into your past can bring wellbeing to minus or negative vibrations created by past events. Viewing past experiences through your current eyes as the observer allows you to sometimes see things quite differently. When you are ready you can even go into a past life.

You can also uncover skills that you had in the past and understand why you are attraction or rejected by some things.  In my workshops the guided meditations can lead to self-discovery.  Self-discovery helps you to connect with the finest and brightest within you. 

Viewing your past as the non-judging observer you can define you, when you define yourself, you can move forward in the best way for you.  

A Guided meditation session into your past or one of my other original guided meditations is 60 to 90 minutes depending on you and the event.  This includes a 1–3-minute Japanese Usui Reiki focused healing technique at the beginning and ending of the session.  A single guided meditation is $70.00. 

Once you have scheduled a day and time with me you can also use PayPal to prepay, otherwise they are paid in cash or by check at the end of the session.

On my Classes and workshop page I sometimes my Down the Rabbit Hole guided meditation 3-hour workshop that is a series of mediations taking you deeper within.  Three hours gives time to for those attending to briefly talk about their experience, if they would like to do so, and erst while listening to others

Experience natural healing energy

Guided Meditation packages allow you to go deeper into your past for discovery and healing.

The first package consisting of four sessions is a wonderful way to move forward after seeing your past from a different angle. All sessions are scheduled when you schedule your first.

The first session lasting 2 hours is a combination of a full Reiki Healing Session followed by a guided meditation into your past.

Each of the 2 follow-up guided meditation sessions builds on your first guided meditation and included a healing Japanese technique. This is a relaxing safe way to discover many things about you and let go past vibrations that have been holding you back today.

Going into your past is a way to define you. At this time this package is $250.00 paid by check or cash during the first session. 

The second package consisting of 5 sessions connects you deeply to your inner self/high self.  All sessions are scheduled when you schedule your first.

It is best if you have already attended one of my guided meditation workshops or had at least one private guided meditation with me prior to doing this package.  You begin with a 2-hour session that a combination of a full Japanese Reiki healing session and a guided meditation.

The 3 follow-up guided meditation sessions build on your first guided meditation journey. Once can also include letting going of all those negative things from the past that have been wearing you down.

The last session is a very deep guided meditation that provides you with the opportunity to see yourself as you truly are. This session also includes a mini-Reiki healing session.

The fifth session is package, at this time, is only $325.00 paid by check or cash during the first session. 

Call 207-445-5671 today or Contact Roberta R. Barnes by Email today and schedule an appointment.

Experience natural healing energy

 You can see more about the guided meditation journeys, which can include going into your past (past life regression) on my Meditation & Beyond page.  <click here> 

One client said about my guided meditations.

Roberta’s meditations are wonderful. They have brought me a lot of insight and understanding”. — Paula

Using Carl Jung’s word “synchronicity”, perhaps there is a reason why you have come to this website.


Because my healing studio is nestled in nature, you are automatically encased in harmonizing relaxationJapanese Reiki complements nature as you step from your vehicle.

It is the same relaxation that allowed this doe to bring her fawn to nibble on some young plants in the healing studio’s yard

The term healing touch can apply to a Japanese Reiki healing session as one of the places universal energy flows through is my hands.

Healing of the spirit is sometimes overlooked.  MIkao Usui said, “If our spirit is healthy and conformed to the truth, body will get healthy naturally.© international <read more>

The Usui Reiki that flows through me to you is a piece of ‘the’ source of all energy, and energy precedes matter so instantly you can see how it can detox your mind, body and spirit. As said about certain herbs, it knows where to go and what to do when it gets there.  This is why Usui Reiki practitioners and Shihans (teachers) trust in universal wisdom rather then trying to diagnose, and prescribing medications.

Each person is unique, and my hands are guided by the clients inharmonic vibrations that I feel in my hands; each healing session is therefore unique to each client.  During pregnancy, universal balance and harmony flows to both mother and baby. 

 Unless a Reiki practitioner or Shihan is a trained massage therapist, or other licensed medical professional, there is no tissue manipulation and the only clothing you remove are your shoes and outside jacket.

 Routinely taking time for the relaxation of a Reiki healing session makes perfect sense in maintaining homeostasis of your mind, body, and spirit.  The whole person being in balance and with harmony is important. Think how many illnesses are linked to worry, anger and anxiety.  

 Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki kai treat the whole person.   In my article The Past Cannot Be Changed, but Today Can.” I explain how Usui Reiki can lift a person out of emotionally bad times.

Experience natural healing energy

 The most common thing clients say is:


Call 207-445-5671 today or Contact Roberta R. Barnes by Email today and schedule an appointment for yourself, your pet or a human friend or relative.

Disclaimer   — Usui Reiki does not replace professional medical care.  It is recommended you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological illness you may have. Neither Reiki practitioners nor Reiki Teachers can diagnosis or prescribe anything.

Reiki never interferes with the treatment of a licensed medical professional, but complements all healing modalities. No Reiki practitioner of any level diagnoses any illness unless he or she is a licensed professional medical provider.

  • Note — Thank you for respecting the © on all the information Roberta R. Barnes Gendai Reiki-ho Shihan, Komyo Reiki Kai Shihan (master instructor/teacher of high standing), Master Herbalist, Author nd Speaker is sharing with you and not copying without Shihan Roberta Barnes’ written permission.
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