Sneak peek into What Tail? by R. R. Barnes .

What tail? is just one of the many questions that spring from this mysterious children’s book. Below is a look inside at page 2 in the first chapter ‘Follow Your Nose’.  You will find the clue to the first secret Misty discovers in the Annan Woods, where what What Tail?you can expect is the unexpected.

Thank you for respecting the copyright of this book and enjoy this sneak peek into this children’s book first published in 2014 and in 2016 published in a new less expensive cover.

One review of What Tail? by R. R. Barnes said this is an amazing children’s book with the base of an excellent unique idea that unfolds to show children the strong subtle moral lesson to accept others who look and act differently”. Jim

“The other reason is that almost everyone had heard about the Annan Woods ghost. Thinking about the ghost, Misty started to turn around and go home. Then, instead, she sat on the soft ground and thought. She thought about how some people said the ghost was misty white and small, like a rabbit. But other people said it was bigger than the biggest bear and had a long tail and huge feet. No one seemed to know exactly what it looked like, but everyone knew it was hiding, and ready to jump out and get you.

Misty remembered how her cousins had said that they would never go to the Annan Woods because of the ghost that lived there. As soon as Misty remembered that a giggle slipped out of her mouth. She thought everyone knows that ghosts do not live anywhere. The next thought that popped into her head was that there probably was no Annan Woods ghost.


Misty stood up, stopped thinking about ghosts and focused on the yummy smells. The yummy smells led her into the most beautiful meadow she had ever seen. It was so beautiful that she thought she must still be in bed, dreaming. To see whether or not she was dreaming, she turned around and walked out of the meadow. She took a deep breath, pinched herself on both arms, and then walked back into the meadow.


The meadow was still filled with more wildflowers than she had ever seen before in any meadow. You see, almost every wildflower you can think of grows in the Annan Woods, and most of them grow in the big meadow. Walking into the big meadow,


Misty also discovered that each flower had its own yummy smell. Standing there, surrounded by so many beautiful flowers, she began to pick them. She kept picking until her arms could not hold even one more flower. Then she almost dropped all of them, because she heard something moving in the bushes. She started to think again about the Annan Woods ghost. Her legs and feet . . .”

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