The Elder One–Roberta R. Barnes © 1993

 This was first published in a journal in May 1993.  I  wrote this poem as a way of showing that what we think we are seeing can be different then what is actually happening or being felt by another.

There is sometimes more knowledge in the mystery around us than in what our logical mind sees. Sometimes what a person thinks he or she is seeing will bring sadness, but when viewed from a different angle it brings the opposite. This is a lesson learned in Gendai Reiki-ho, Komyo Reiki Kai and my guided meditations.

This reflects one of the concepts within the original spiritual practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho.  As you read this poem know that the ‘look closer” actually means take off your blinders and look beyond.


In the middle of a field he  stands alone

No supports

No visible comforts

None of his own kind within voices  reach,

Awaiting the wind’s fury

    Facing the unsure seasons.

I walk closer

My eyes fixed on the lone strong form.

A disregarded part of him cracks under my weight.

 My heart bleeds.

 My tears fall.

The wind blows warm and   words fall upon my ears,

    “Friend, dry your tears.

  Look closer.

“I have found my place

     Deep within the earth,

      In view of the radiant sun,

     In the moon’s shimmer.

 I have had snow surround me,  glistening brighter than man’s gems.

 I stand against the wind’s fury.

 I am cradled in the caressing breezes.

Many seek me out,  Finding shelter within me,

Teaching their young the freedom of the skies,

Letting me shield them from the elements.

 Life grows around me,

Touching me,

Nourishing me.

   I have none to  Cage my growth,

Cut off my hands that reach to the sky,

nor force me to take in what I do not choose.

 I stand alone — at peace.

 I am not lonely my friend,

I am Free. 

Roberta R. Barnes © 1993





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