Everything in the universe is energy.

This year I was reminding that while everyone was focused on COVID19 in 2020, after 800 years the legendary Christmas Star appeared on the winter solstice.

This year if you looked in the Southwest sky an hour after sunset you still could see a star that was brighter than the others.  I celebrated the winter solstice last year, but I missed seeing any news of Jupiter and Saturn coming into alignment to form what is commonly called the Christmas Star.  You may also have missed seeing it.

On the winter solstice last year I did see what I described as a Christmas tree in the sky that night while taking my dog outside. Not having heard or seen anything that hinted at the Christmas Star appearing that night I did not then and do not now know if that was it or not.

With so much media coverage focused on COVID, and the terrible events created by the surge of negative vibrations there was no room for reporting something amazing.

What I teach and practice embraces a piece of universal energy, the vibrations of love and harmony. Some things in this spiritual practice/healing art created in Japan translate as light.

When you advance through the four levels as is best for you in either Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai you experience many amazing things. Because in each style I teach how to weave universal love and harmony into your daily life something your vibrations help another person in ways that you do not even know.

The same as with the amazing vibrations created when Jupiter’ and Saturn’s orbits were so close that amazing vibrations were created, even if you did not see your higher self was aware of the positive.



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