Universal energy even flows to cells in need before symptoms have happened and shines outward from all cells in need through mind, body, spirit and energy field (aura), repairing, rebuilding and strengthening.

AS my hands move slowly over your body I feel where to stop and allow Usui Reiki to flow as needed to where is needed.  No material objects are used, and all you do is lay fully clothed enjoying the healing piece of universal energy flowing through you.

A full Usui Reiki healing session lasting 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your need and how you receive helaing energy at that time, is $70.00 paid in cash or by check.  

The mini Usui Reiki healing sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes are $45.00, and perfect for small children and dogs.

A Guided meditation combined with a full Japanese Usui Reiki Healing session is approximately 2 hours in length, is $130.00. My original guided meditations can bring wellbeing to minus or negative vibrations from your past.

Viewing past experiences through your eyes as the observer allows you to sometimes see things quite differently.

To help out if you prefer to use PayPal you can prepay once you have contacted me and scheduled a day and time.  With the handling charges it will be $70.00 when using PayPal.  Sessions fees are non-refundable so it is important that you call 207-445-5671 and schedule a time before paying through PayPal. 

Paypal can also be used for gift certificates; once I have received payment and you have told me who you are giving it to I will send the gift certificate to you.  Please note that PayPal is non-refundable.

A guided meditation alone which allows you to view experiences in a different way, is $70.00.  I also include a 1-minute Japanese focused healing technique to allow you to smoothly go into a relaxed and open state..

Guided Meditation packages allow you to go deeper into your past for discovery and wellbeing.

Going into your past is a way to define you. Once you define yourself you can move forward in the best way for you.

The first prepay package is a wonderful way to move forward after seeing your past from a different angle.  The first session lasting 2 hours is a combination of a full Reiki Healing Session followed by a guided meditation into your past.

Each of the three follow-up guided meditation sessions builds on your first guided meditation. This is a relaxing safe way to discover many things about you and let go past vibrations that have been holding you back today.  Going into your past is a way to define you. At this time this package is $250.00 paid by check or cash during the first session.  Prepaying by a requested PayPal invoice is $260.00.


The second prepay package connects you deeply to your inner-self.  It is best if you have already attended one of my guided meditation workshops or had at least one private guided meditation with me prior to doing this package.

The beginning two hour session is a full Japanese Reiki healing session plus a guided meditation. Two follow-up guided meditation sessions build on your first healing journey. The fourth session is a mini Reiki healing session combined with a guided meditation taking you deeper.

The fifth session is a very deep guided meditation, that provides you with the opportunity to see who you truly are, which is often different than how others or charts define you.  At this time this package is $325.00 paid by check or cash during the first session.  Prepaying by a requested PayPal invoice is $325.00.




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