Joyful vibrations from all the holidays surround us

Visiting with Barnes’ was the name of the column I wrote for a daily newspaper while living in Canada. 

Sometimes we receive joy in unexpected ways.  I received unexpected joy when instead of this column appearing on its usual day, it appeared on the Front Page of the Christmas Eve edition.

Read and allow the vibrations of one child’s belief in a holiday tradition open you to the warmth of joyous smiles created by the holidays you celebrate.

You are encouraged to share with other just please include written by Roberta R. Barnes and may all your moments be filled with warm smiles. 


Is there really a Santa Claus? © 

© Amherst Daily News, N.S. Canada “Visiting with Barnes” written by Roberta R. Barnes.


     He stood on the gaily lit street, alone in an old grey hat and tattered coat. His hair and beard were as white as the snow of all the Christmas he had seen pass.  His eyes were sad as they witnessed families and couples happily hustling about for those last items.  Those last items that would appear in bright Christmas wrapping under a tree cloaked in Christmas enchantment.                  

  He felt a small tug on the sleeve of his coat and looked down into the wide sparking eyes of a little girl.  He bent down and she whispered in a soft anxious voice, “Are you Santa Claus”.

“No,” he answered.

   His answer made the sparkle disappear from the wide eyes.  The kindness in his heart made him quickly add, “But I know him”.                                                      

The sparkle returned with new hope as the anxious little lips released the questions, “Then there really is a Santa Claus?  What’s his real name? Where does he really live? Will he ever die?”

  The old man spoke very slowly and carefully as his sad eyes slowly began to reflect the little girl’s wide-eyed sparkle.

  “Yes, there is, was and always will be a Santa Claus as long as there is the spirit of giving with joy.  There was a Santa Claus when my grandparents were children and there will still be a Santa Claus when my grandchildren have children.

  “Santa Claus lives right there,” he said pointing to the little girl’s heart.

“Santa Claus lives in the hearts of all people.  He is the spirit of giving, and the joy he receives from giving is what makes his reindeer fly.  As Christmas comes each year, he comes alive.  That wondrous spirit of giving to only receive joy makes gifts appear under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning and empty stockings mysteriously bulge while you sleep.

“Santa Claus is jolly as he gives unselfishly with love and joy.  He gives to make others happy and receives happiness from the smiles and thank-yous of others when they see his gifts.  

“Anyone who does not know Santa Claus has never experienced the joy of giving, nor seen the warmth and joy on another person’s face as he or she hands them a gift wrapped in Christmas gaiety.

  “Anyone who has never heard Santa Claus laugh has never heard the echoing of children’s excited joyous laughter as they first see the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning.

  “Anyone who has never heard Santa’s reindeer on their rooftop has never heard the thumping of excited hearts as people of all ages await Christmas morning to arrive.

“Sometimes people forget who Santa Claus is, but he is very real and one of the most beautiful spirits anyone has ever known.”

  The little girl dug down deep into her coat pocket and pulled out a piece of wrapped Christmas candy.  She silently handed it to the old man. 

     What then happened was a warm joyous smile appearing on both faces glistening brighter than any of the Christmas lights in the town’s windows that night.  

 © 1976 daily newspaper column “Visiting with Barnes 

  Thank you for respecting my copyright; if you copy any portion my name needs to be included, Roberta R. Barnes Gendai Reiki Ho Shihan, Komyo Reiki Kai Shihan, Master Herbalist, Author and Speaker.

 As you read above even a small piece of candy given at the right time can be the perfect act of kindness

Expereince Love, Peace & Joy

The last line in the Usui Gokai is to extend kindness. The person who does an act of kindness from his or her heart, the one who openly receives the act of kindness and those seeing and enjoying the kind act all experience in increase in their immune system and raise in their serotonin level.     

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