Erase mind clutter

Mind clutter is all those unimportant bits of information that block you from seeing and enjoying the subtle beauty in life. Often thoughts of what was in your life or what another person said blocks you from living each day fully and understanding something new to you.

Without mind clutter you can see what is in each present moment and perhaps see positive that mind clutter was preventing you from seeing.

A mind without clutter is a clear mind, a quiet mind. A quiet mind is an intuitive mind.  

Mind clutter creates a maze of dead ends self-doubts and fears that can cause anger and hold you back. Once you find yourself in this maze, being guided into a state of relation that is right for you where fear, doubt and anger do not exist becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

Judging comes from mind clutter. The wisdom that a person can share with you can be blocked if you judge that person by his or her appearance or occupation.  Releasing judgement is one of the things you can learn in my Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki classes; children can learn how to accept other who look or act different from them in my children’s book and is reflected in my children’s book What Tail? by R.R. Barnes .

 Once the mind clutter is gone you can see many things, such as your positive self and your potential. Listening to the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions is the easy way to erase mind clutter.


The next time you take out the trash in your house go the extra step and take out the most detrimental trash, mind clutter. Mind clutter creates worries.  When you do a clean sweep of others opinions and odd bits of conversations and articles you can let go of worry.

Taking out all the trash allows you to feel your own rhythm, not the reflection of another person’s rhythm.  without mind clutter you have clarity, and the energy needed to be your best. When guided in meditation to go beneath yourthoughts you can let go the trash.


If your cup is filled to the brim with coffee or tea there is no room to add in any yummy extras. The same is true with your mind.

If you mind is filled with details of the daily wows of other people and events not related to your life there simply is no room for new things that make you smile today/in the present moment.


When you have thousands of pieces of information competing for your attention, the important things that can bring a smile to you and others can get buried at the bottom of the pile.

  When listening to the guided meditations on Finding Your solutions all those thousand of pieces of information are hushed, and mind clutter is erased.


Once the mind clutter is gone you gain clarity and can begin to connect with your positive potential and universal self.  In that clear comfortable place you can gain insight to your soul, your left analytical brain reorganizes and your right creative brain revitalizes.  

When you clear out the mind clutter, and step back you often see that the stress caused by the clutter has been replaced with a cushion of comfort.  


When you clear out mind clutter your concentration improves,

you discover your creative side,

you are more productive,

you have room for inner peace,

and you have the space to notice those little things that can make you smile.


While still a little girl, my father introduced me to an easy way of clearing out mind clutter. I share this in one of my original guided meditations on my CD Finding Your Solutions.


The mind is the master and the body follows; when you give your mind time to reorganize and revitalize your body follows.

Clearing out the mind clutter, allows your unlimited potential to emerge.  When that mind clutter of all the illnesses you could get, and all the ways your body does not fit with the Hollywood images is cleared out you are as the saying goes “free to be me”.

When the mind clutter is gone you gain access to your insight that creates aha moments.  

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Problems that are boldly in your face have you tripping over them at every turn.  When you have all your attention on the problems in an attempt to prevent yourself from tripping then you can walk by some of the wonderful things life has to offer.

 When you clear out mind clutter you have the space to l;ook beyond the problems and focus on those things that truly matter in your life.

 Imagine all of your left brain logical thoughts and memories as balloons.  When you slip beneath those balloons the strings are cut and they drift away leaving you in the stillness where you can connect within your inner self without interruption.

There are days that no matter what you try those balloons are hitting you in the face. On these days listening to the guided meditations on ‘Finding Your Solutions’ is perfect.

Listening to the guided meditations on my CD  Finding Your Solutions is an easy way to take out that trash and stop those balloons from hitting you in the face.  It is one of the easiest ways to let go that mind clutter.

In the depth of relaxation that is you right for you there is no one to judge you, and no need to judge yourself.  In that stillness there is no ego and you have the freedom to open your mind to what is outside the box, so that when you are back in your awake state new productive ideas can come to you.


When a letter comes in the mail you enjoy what is inside the envelope, but then you throw away or burn the envelope, the clutter.  So why not do the same with all those bits of information that are of no use to you?

The inner peace that brings happiness cannot happen when there is too much mind clutter, the clutter you would have thrown away days ago if it was in paper form .

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