Guided meditation workshops

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE workshop is a series of guided meditation journeys that take you deeper and deeper into your past for self-discovery.

  Down the Rabbit hole workshop

If you look in the lower right of the photograph to the left you will see that the name of this workshop might be confusing to some.


Nevertheless, self-discovery is fun and safe when experienced in a healing studio filled with the universal vibrations of love and harmony.  Only Gendai Reiki-ho, Komyo Reiki Kai and Meditation are practiced in this healing studio nestled in nature. 

You go to a depth that is safe and comfortable for you at that time.  The question you will be answering is how far down the rabbit hole do I ‘want’ to go’. 

The workshops I offer are not only for discovery, but to make you aware of your hidden potential. Visit my Reiki classes and workshop page to see the scheduled dates and time for not only my Down the Rabbit hole and other workshops. workshops

  1. Letting go workshop removes those blocks in your subconsciousness that have been holding you back.  It begins with breathing in the light exercises and then is a series of guided meditations to release feeling attached to past experiences, feelings that are holding your back from enjoying today.  I have had many clients say, ‘Wow I just feel so much lighter now.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Raising Your Vibrations focuses on viewing past experiences through today’s eyes, which create different vibrations. You views create your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality that is your GPS in living today.  You can change your reality as needed and raise your vibrations through this series of guided meditations that allow you to make a connection with the finest and brightest within you.
  3. Opening up workshop This workshop helps to remove those filters in that have prevented you from seeing what is natural but some refer to as supernatural. You saw many things when you were very young that you do not see now. As your brain developed filters to block so that you no longer saw or heard those things that others thought were strange.  You are also guided to know that you can see the energy fields surrounding all life forms (auras) and tap into positive forms or energy around you.
  4. Connecting workshop.  As you learn to step away from your conscious expectations, you also open yourself to making the connection with your true self and the souls of pets and wildlife. With the non-threatening gentle approach you will be guided into, most will be open to playing with you at that level.  This workshop can help you get back some positive things lost.


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