Awaken your creativity

Creativity can be seen in many areas, just as the arts are not only painting and sculpting.

Through the practice of meditation you learn to go deep within and find skills that you have had no reason to uncover in your everyday life.  One of the reasons for the meditations in Gendai Reiki-ho,Komyo Reiki Kai, is to step away from the outside world and resonate your inner self/light being that you are and the universal vibrations of love and harmony.

When you connect with your true self you can experience the beauty of awakening your creativity; the creativity you were born with, which cannot be learned.


When you step away from your left brain logical thinking mind, you often find your insight and spontaneous nature that has been the wall flower for too long. As you are guided into a state of relaxation that is right for you  your mind goes into the Alpha or deeper levels; in these states of consciousness your creativity is awakened and enhanced.

A person’s creativity is often like that person at the dance standing on the sidelines waiting for a chance to show everyone in the room his or her unique dance steps.

While you might think that some people are more creative than you; you were born with creativity.  Creativity is different in each person and often does not go by Webester’s definition. Many times the benefits that come from a person’s creative side are not recognized as creativity.

Meditation not only helps to activate your capacity for more creativity, compassion, and achievement, but also generates new neurons.

Creativity is the luster that glazes over all areas of life. Wen trying to do everything by-someone else’s book you keep your creativity imprisoned. If you continue to rush to get things done in the by-the-book way at the right time your creativity can become dormant.

Through the guided meditations I give in-person or on my CD Finding Your Solutions you are able to let go, open up and awaken your creativity.  Creativity, the same as your imagination, comes from inside you. Like imagination, creativity is not something you have to learn because you were born with it. All you have to do is open up, as you learn through program one by focusing on your life giving breath.

Within my fantasy children’s book ‘What Tail?” by R.R. Barnes the animals show with some creative thinking new doors open and life can be better.  <read more>

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