Advanced Usui Reiki Ryoho

Your positive creations so not have an expiration dateUsui Sensei said, “This is surely a secret process to bring a good fortune and also a miraculous medicine to remedy all kinds of disease”.© Hiroshi  Doi 1999 

It is human nature to want to make things better.  Nevertheless, Usui Reiki is a piece of universal energy/the source of all energy, which cannot be made better. 

The word Reiki is simply a Japanese word as you read on the page <What is Reiki>

Advanced Reiki (correctly Advanced Usui Reiki Ryoho) is resonating fully with the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki and practicing exercises daily.  

Through the symptoms you might know what illness you have, but what caused the illness?  With Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai the focus is on trusting in universal energy to flow to the cause of an illness.  Healing that begins at the cause brings on the wellbeing that is best for the life receiving. 

It is knowing in your heart (place of true knowledge) the meaning within the 5 short lines of the Usui Gokai (5 principles/5 precepts),  From that knowing you can live the Usui Gokai, and trust in the universal wisdom that comes with Usui Reiki Ryoho. 

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho created in Japan that help you to weave this piece of universal energy into your life, without complications.


Your life is a journey that contains many journeys. As you advance on your Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai journey you find yourself connecting more deeply with the piece of universal energy to which Usui Sensei connected and uncovering your true you. 

Healing the spirit/true self is overlooked in some practices. Translated words of Usui Sensei, “If our spirit is healthy and conformed to the truth, body will get healthy naturally.” © international 1999 

As you transcend the symbols, which are the training wheels and step away from any material tools used in other healing modalities you can discover your connection with all/oneness. 

Advanced Usui Reiki Ryoho can best be summarized as belief in Usui Reiki Ryoho and trust in universal wisdom.

When it is only the true you and a piece of the source of all energy, you can enjoy the blissful state of mind, body and spirit healing together as is right for you or the life receiving at that moment in time.  

Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai help you to also connect with the true universal you, which is one of the most wonderful gifts you can receive.  

Just as gravity does not require symbols to bring anything down, Usui Reiki does not require symbols to flow. Once a person’s pathway is opened by a qualified Shihan (master instructor) Usui Reiki naturally flows without any assistance, as I explain in classes. 

We commonly hear Reiki master.  It is good to remember that Usui Sensei was an advanced Martial arts master, grand master and O’Sensei.  He did not at any time refer to himself as maser of the original spiritual practice, Usui Reiki Ryoho, which he created.  It is unknown who first called him or herself a reiki master, but it coild have been a simple translation error.  The Japanese noun Shihan can be translated as teacher of high standing or master instructor.

Note that any written material that might have been in the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai headquarters was destroyed when bombed during WWII.   Any current materials are only available to members of the URR Gakkai and are not shared in any form with the public, the same as other societies around the world. 

Being blessed to have been able to study in-person under a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai and a Japanese Buddhist monk I learned much about the true history of Mikao Usui and the gift he gave to the world. Each of my Japanese Shihans who live in Japan has only 2 teachers between himself, and Usui Sensei; I learned many things that I share with my students in classes and learned other things from them for my personal growth that I do not share.   

Advanced is when you automatically practice Japanese Usui Reiki exercises daily, strengthen your connection with the piece of universal energy/the source we have come to call Usui Reiki and move beyond all training wheels such as symbols.

Each person is unique, each illness and injury is unique, and each healing is unique.  The technique shown in the first teachings to feel inharmonic, harmonic, and universal vibrations release you from any need to learn hand positions that may have helped other people.

Symbols go back to drawings on cave walls, which many intelligent people around to world are still undecided as to their true meaning. Usui Sensei created only 3 symbols in 1925, to help those of his students who needed something visual to represent energy. There is a 4th that representsw all, but it is unknown as to who created that. 

Once Usui Reiki Ryoho left Japan other teachers created more symbols as they had students who required more training wheels to help them learn. <What is Reiki> 

As you are exposed to more vibrations, you know that no two are the same, and the more you understand why Usui Sensei saw the world as vibrations. 

Only positive comes from all styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho that honor the quintessence of Mikao Usui‘s original spiritual practice/healing art.

When you study Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai you step away from manmade forms of energy, distorted stories, symbols and designated hand positions.  You can open to feeling vibrations that guide you to heal at a unique level in mind, body, and spirit together in any life form that is the receiver. Regardless of how many energies you are introduced tol, you can always feel the difference.

While speed and impact are determined by the height of the roof and your weight, it is the invisible force of gravity that pulls you down. Gravity, the same as Usui Reiki, does not require human thought, an on/off switch, or symbols; it simply is.  

If you have a magnet, it simply attracts without you saying anything or painting it any specific color.

One distorted story is that Mikao Usui said Reiki is in everyone.  Usui Sensei said all life forms have an invisible inner healer.  He also recognized that at times the illness or injury is too great for the inner healer to handle alone. The invisible force we call Usui Reiki gives aid to the inner healer when needed.

Many myths and distorted stories have been created, many simply being translation errors.  <Reiki myths>

 There is no turning on or turning off Usui Reiki; once a person’s pathway has been opened.  The universe does not have office hours nor does it shut down for holidays.  In the places where you cannot get cell reception, you can get universal energy when needed if your, or the persons’ with you, pathway has been opened to Usui Reiki 

One of the purposes of Gendai Reiki-ho is to uncover the true universal you.  The true universal you/your dharma that allows you to move forward in the best way for you.  

         When your mind, body and spirit are in alignment you can harness your full potential. <learning Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai> 

Experience natural healing energy

Your body is 73% to 90% water; molecules of water receive, hold vibrations and change shape according to the vibration as proven by Dr. Emoto. Your thoughts are vibrations, and the water within you has an inner readiness to resonate and immediately respond to all types of vibrations.

 No one can ever force Usui Reiki on any life form or into any event.

The universe allows freewill. Regardless of how many levels you have completed, Usui Reiki will not flow if for some reason the higher self of the receiver does not want universal love and harmony to flow to him or her.

 Usui Sensei did not create a way to fix things. Usui Sensei created a spiritual practice that allows Usui Reiki to flow to bring the wellbeing that is best for any life from at that moment in time.  

You, or someone else, can fix your car and other machines inside and outside your home.  You are not a machine, nor are your friends, your pets or any life form; people and other life forms cannot be fixed. 

Experience natural healing energy

You advance on your path by:

   Learning Japanese Reiki

Hiroshi Doi, who joined the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in 1993, summarized the style he created, Gendai Reiki Ho (Modern Reiki method for healing) by saying — “Ayashiku-nai, Okashiku-nai, Muzukashiku-nai”. © international 1999 Hiroshi Doi.  Translated into English it is, “nothing fishy, nothing odd, nothing difficult”.

No one can master universal energy or Mikao Usui’s spiritual practice, but you do have complete control over your own mind. 

Learn Komyo Reiki Kai.

Komyo Reiki Kai’s motto summarizes the balance and harmony of that Japanese Reiki style ,“Go Placidly in the midst of Praise or Blame“.


 When I studied with Hiroshi Doi Sensei he said (through a translator) in class,”There are Reiki teachers that can be great teachers, but there are no masters, or grand masters in Usui Reiki.”  

There are grand masters in martial arts, and Mikao Usui was a grand master in martial arts; he did not refer to himself even as a master in the healing art/spiritual practice that he founded.  <What is Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai>


What appeared in several photographs I took in my healing studio, two of which are shown on this page, was unexpected.  As was what appeared in another shown on my What are Gendai Reiki-ho and Kmoyo Reiki Kai page .

These photographs might fall into the mysterious category, if’ I did not have the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki always flowing through me.Advanced Usui Reiki

The photo to your left is a visual the universe gave to me to show me that universal energy is present even when we are not aware of it.  This was before digital cameras and photo shop.  I was using my Canon 35mm (old fashion film camera) with average color print film,  The only light was afternoon Western sunlight and light from the tea candle in my hands.  My camera was on self-timer.

I suggest that you do not combine your hands with any flames. Instead resonate with your reality of universal energy and see where that takes you.

While colors, the same as Reiki symbols, have no power they do have vibrations.  These colors simply represent something in my reality because it was a visual for me.  In classes I explain more about this color appearing in a vision I had, and how you can feel vibrations from colors.

Opening the envelope of photographs in my car I did not expect to see anything like this.  The photograph at the top of Reiki healing sessions page came from that same roll of film, and as you see there are no colors. The colors also appeared in one frame when I was taking photographs of me allowing Usui Reiki to flow my Scottish Terrier.  Both photos were taken in Natural Healing & Learning Center with the same Canon film camera and average Kodak film.

  Even though I was certain the camera had captured what my eyes had not, my left brain planted the seed of doubt.  The local lab that processed the film and printed the photographs checked the negatives, prints, and my camera for light leaks.  The only explanation for the colors is the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki.


You can think of learning Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai in much the same way as I create my sculptors.

Open up to Reiki

First you begin with a block or form–such as the whole you, which includes your mind, body, spirit and everything in your energy field (aura).

Reiki removes the negative


You take away from that block what is not needed, such as complicated and negative beliefs.

Continue taking away until all those things preventing you from seeing/revealing the beauty that is within are gone.

Usui Reiki Ryoho allows you to be free Once the negative such as anger and worry are gone, self-growth begins and your true universal self can take flight.©

It may take hours of sanding and polishing, but the end result is a beautiful form that is uniquely yours.

Your brain has various sects in which to store memory, as well as all your other cells. On the other hand, when you know something it is within that place commonly referred to as the heart center or place of true knowledge.

 This is why I give time in classes to know the feel of vibrations and the importance of each of Usui Sensei’s first and second awakening. 

Experience natural healing energy


Introduced in the first class, in the first level of styles honoring Usui Reiki Ryoho, is that healing happens when cells are in-blance and surrounded with harmony.  

When every corner of this world is in-balance and with harmony there will be World Peace.  

When you recognize harmonic and inharmonic vibrations, and trust in Usui Reiki (universal wisdom) everything around you look much different.  Life does throw curves balls, but once you learn how to move with the universal rhythm of love and harmony your life and the lives around become more harmonious


We cannot visually see all that is within each of the zillions of atoms within the mind, body, and spirit. We cannot know the source of all symptoms the body, mind, or spirit display.  The nice thing is that we do not need to see or know.  Usui Reiki directed by universal wisdom knows where to flow and what to do when it arrives.

If this sounds a bit magical, it perhaps is because universal energy is one of those things beyond human logic. With Usui Reiki Ryoho your awareness expands and each time you look out your window you can see that the way in which nature unfolds is magical.


 Learning and embracing any style honoring Usui Reiki Ryoho as created by MIkao Usui takes time.  There is no instant download for the essence of universal love and harmony to be embodied by your jing. In spite of this, each step of the Usui Reiki Ryoho journey is blissful, if you allow it to be so.

The photograph to you right was taken by one of my students.  It shows something neither of usReiki energy circle expected.  At first glance, this photograph looks like it should be tossed.  Actually, the word ‘should’ is best tossed.

At second glance, what appears above my upward turned palms and me being out of focus makes it a perfect photograph.

This photograph was taken with 35mm film, with no retouching.

 I am out-of-focus even though settings on the Canon Rebel camera were set for me to be in-focus.  The white circle that clearly appears above my hands is an energy circle.

Many forms of energy create visuals. I never expected energy circles to appear in any photographs taken of me.  Universal energy does not go by human expectations. This photograph shows that the balance and harmony that flows through a person outshines physical appearance and clothing.

 The focus of life is not on a person’s features, skin, hair, or the clothing worn.

The focus is on the energy that flows through her or him. 

When balance and harmony flows, the unexpected can happen. © Shihan Robeta Barnes 2002


Take a moment and think about the various people who impressed you throughout your life. Do  you remember the clothing he or she wore, or the hair style?  Or do you remember what he or she did or said. It is the energy flowing from a person that makes the biggest impression.

Regardless of what molecule you examine, energy is at the core.

Usui Reiki flows to the core to bring healing balance & harmony

uncovering your authentic skills

It is good to remember that while different combinations can be an excellent synergy in one situation they can be inappropriate in another. 

Massage therapists, all other medical professionals, and artists of all mediums blending Usui Reiki into his or her practice is perfect. 

On the other hand, blending rituals from other practices into Usui Reiki Ryoho can stop the universal love and harmony from flowing purely. 

Usui Reiki can flow into everything, even hobbies you may have. Sculpting is one of the things I enjoy doing.   At the bottom of this page are photographs of one of my sculptures that appeared when I focused on Usui Reiki only.

When I stepped back and looked at the form the words of one of my college professors came to mind, form does not have to resemble details of life. Form flows, that is art.”

Usui Reiki Ryoho is a spiritual healing art in that it flows without any preconceived form; energy takes many forms and that which Mikao Usui created takes the best healing form for that moment.


Daily practice allows Usui Reiki to flow in a pure way that can enhance all your skills and relationships, even those in the workplace.

Universl energy is in everythingAt first glance, these might look like two separate sculptures. Love and harmony

However, they are shots taken of the same sculpture from different sides.

The vibrations of love and harmony are always the same. Different Usui Reiki practitioners and teachers go into the light and connect to the energies within in his or her own reality.

No way is better than another, simply different and once all the training wheels, material objects, etc. are put aside the unencumbered universal energy is the same.

We thank you for not copying any of this page without the written permission of Roberta R. Barnes.  

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