Advanced Usui Reiki Ryoho

Your positive creations so not have an expiration dateUsui Sensei said, “This is surely a secret process to bring a good fortune and also a miraculous medicine to remedy all kinds of disease”.© Hiroshi  Doi 1999      

When you study any level of Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki kai you are shown how to weave the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki into your life without complicated charts, odd rituals, symbols or material objects. 

Usui Sensei is a piece of universal energy; when you use gravity to represent universal energy you can see why Usui Reiki does not heed symbols or material objects.  If you step off a roof, gravity will pull you down without any help.

As you focus on setting aside the ego and allowing Usui Reiki to flow in its pure form you can find the quality of life continuously improving.    <what is Reiki>


As you age the natural abilities you were born with can become crushed by the opinions of others, diplomatically correct rules, restricting forms of formal education or technology; or not.  Through Gendai Reiki-ho you can uncover the ture universql you and believe in yourseld–not better than another just belief in you.

Even though today’s world is filled with unnatural forms of energy, and you can be swamped with artificial forms.  The one gift everyone is born with is complete control over his or her own mind.  You can chose to accept and embrace skills that you may have perfected in a past life, or not; it is your choice once you are aware of these skills. 

Gendai Reiki-ho helps each person to uncover his or her true universal self, if exercises are embraced and practiced–the universal allows freewill.  The exercises coming directly from Japan help you to connect with your true universal self as you learn to resonate with the piece of universal energy flowing through you. 

As the saying goes, “You are the captain of your soul and the skipper of your fate”. In the third level through exercises you are able to make that connection with your spirit/soul/true universal you; with that connection and advanced Japanese Usui Reiki exercises negative imprints that might be within you can be erased.  Uncovering your true universal and melting any minus energy is important for living life to its fullest and if you wish to go on to the fourth level and then teach Usui Reiki Ryoho.

In classes I guide students how to fill all atoms with universal vibrations of love and harmony; once you can do this and allow that balance and harmony to emanate out touching organic and inorganic matter, the quality of life. naturally improves  <learning Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai>

If you are advanced in meditation you know that in the stillness lies the greatest power. Those advanced in styles honoring Usui Sensei’s original spiritual practice know that in the universal vibrations of balance and harmony lies the power of healing.

 Learning to transcend all symbols and other training wheels that may have helped you to know/feel/experience  vibrations is one of the important steps if you want to go on to teach or naturally experiencing harmony and balance in all areas of life.  Just as amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, vibrations are the building block of what we refer to as energy and balance and harmony are the building blocks for health and happiness.  <learn Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai>

Experience natural healing energy

Your body is 73% to 90% water; molecules of water receive, hold onto vibrations and change shape according to the vibration as proven by Dr. Emoto.  Your thoughts are vibrations, and water has an inner readiness to resonate and immediately responds to all types of vibrations,. Imagine the shape of the molecules within your body when you are filled with anger and resentment; imagine the shape of the molecules in your mind, body and spirit when they are surrounded by unconditional love and harmony.  The shape of the zillions of molecules in any life form is important to the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit,  which is why in Shoden (first teachings) the focus is on self-healing of the whole self.


Shihan Keiko Fukuda’s description of Japanese Judo, strong/gentle/beautiful, can also be applied to Usui Reiki Ryoho.  You learn in classes what connection  the founder of Japanese Judo has to Usui Sensei.  

Usui Reiki being a piece of universal energy will never flow to any life that does not want it; the universe allows freewill.  The universe also knows when each atom has received all the energy if can hold at that time, and Usui Reiki simply stops flowing regardless of what the Usui Reiki practitioner is doing.   

In classes Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai exercises help you to understand that mind is master and body follows; physical symptoms can often disappear when atoms in the mind are in-balance and surrounded with harmony.  The light being that you are (spirit/soul) is the true you and through Japanese Usui exercises you connect with your true universal self so that you can walk the path that right for you–if you chose to do so.  


Multiple empowerments in each level are important because they allow your pathway to open as your true universal self and universal wisdom knows is right for you, so that you can resonate with the vibrations we have come to call Usui Reiki.  Empowerments are just the beginning; there is so much to learn and exercises to practice in each level that no two levels can be combined.

Advanced Reiki is more than being the vessel through which universal vibrations of love and harmony flow.  As your ability to resonate increases through exercises and techniques and you learn trust in the universal wisdom, you see the quality of your life and those arounrd you improving

Usui Sensei originally called what we now call Usui Reiki Ryoho my method; he said it was a method to achieve personal perfection, and those five simple lines of the Usui Gokai (five precepts or principles) are the key to health and happiness. Through diligence in repeating the Gokai, and practicing Japanese Reiki exercises and meditations you can move into that place where you can find peace and joy within.

Once a person’s pathway has been opened by a qualified Usi Reiki Ryoho Shihan, Usui Reiki (often called Reiki light or Reiki energy) flows to cells in need in the mind, body, spirit.  This complete healing or integrated healing that comes with universal wisdom happens to whoever or what ever you connect with, to create wellbeing.

The universe allows freewill so regardless of how many levels you have completed, Usui Reiki will not flow if for some reason the higher-self of the receiver does not want universal love and harmony to flow to him or her.  No one can ever force Usui Reiki on any life form or into any event.  

Experience natural healing energy

In styles honoring Usui Reiki Ryoho as Mikao Usui created there is no People Reiki and Animal Reiki, it flows to all life forms.  Also while scientific medicine breaks things down into healing mental illnesses and healing physical illnesses, Usui Reiki Ryoho treats the mind, body and spirit together.  

It is the vibrations of universal unconditional love & harmony that has the power to heal as needed. Symbols are only training wheels that can become cumbersome once you are able to resonate fully with universal energy. This gives you the freedom to not worry about memorizing symbols and kotodamas.  You might use them the same way as you use mantras in meditation simply because you enjoy hearing them; what you enjoy changes the form of the molecules in your body .                                                                            

As you advance in your studies and practice of Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki kai your awareness expands as you allow Usui Reiki to flow purely without complications at any time and in any place. As you move through the levels and your spirituality grows, you leave training wheels behind. <learning Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai)  


Once Mikao Usui attained enlightenment he was without ego at all times and in all places; those who knew him described him as a furnace of positive energy. Think about the impact of your thoughts on your life.  <what is Reiki>

While in martial arts Usui Sensei went beyond grand master, in the original spiritual practice he created he was Sensei (honorable teacher). Usui Sensei focused on sharing the gift he had been blessed to receive from the universe, and not on promoting himself with titles.  

 You, or someone else, can fix your car and other machines inside and outside your home.  You are not a machine, nor are your friends, your pets or any life form; letting go the need to fix and simply knowing Usui Reiki will bring well-being as needed, allows Usui Reiki to flow without hindrance of the analytical mind.

Your focus and ability to allow Usui Reiki flow through you without complicated rituals or symbols is one of the things that makes the difference in the healing that occurs. “The healing that occurs is a barometer of the practitioner’s or Shihan’s spirituality.” © international Hiroshi Doi 202. 

 In classes Doi Sensei pointed out that responsibility of healing rests with the healee and not the healer. This is one of the reasons why animals, birds, etc who are without judgement, sometimes heal faster and more fully that some people.


It is common for those following the essence in which Usui Sensei created Usui Reiki Ryoho to refer to Usui Reiki as Reiki Light, Reiki energy, or wave of love. <What is Reiki>

Light is energy, life is energy.

 Life is love, which is also energy.

Usui Reiki is universal energy , which is the light and unconditional love that gives a glow to life.


If you are a Reiki practitioner and you feel strongly that you want more powerful ability, mysterious experiences, and more symbols, it is best for you to look within.  When you look within and feel the light of Usui Reiki flowing your awareness can expand to seeing things that you did not see before.

Usui Reiki is complementary, it enhances other positive techniques and supports the effectiveness of healing modalities such as scientific medical healing treatments, therapies, and medications.  Each person feels energies differently and each life-form heals differently at different moments in time, which is why there are no charts that can show wellbeing for everyone. 


“Some may seek self-realization method or a wish come true method in place of Reiki. The universe allows free will, but these self-realization methods are not Usui Reiki Ryoho”.  international © Hiroshi Doi 1999        

As you advance in Gendai Reiki-ho of Komyo Reiki Kai you let go the worry of allowing Usui Reiki to flow to another life or you.
The three techniques that are the base of Usui Reiki Ryoho, one learned in each of the first three levels, allow you to stop trying to ‘do’ healing and be the shining vessel through the most powerful vibrations in the universe flow to bring the wellbeing that is right for the life form or event at that moment in tme.
 <learn Gendai Reiki-ho>

In each level/degree you advance on your path by:


There are only four levels in Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai rather than the many sub-levels in Usui Sensei’s teachings. This is because today’s world requires more balance and harmony; we can often become swamped with artificial forms of energy.
Nevertheless, it takes time to assimilate all the material within each level and then practice all the exercises, meditations and techniques.  Each of the four levels is important and honorable when practiced in the way they were in the 1920s in Japan. <read more>


When wanting to learn more symbols think of clocks. Clocks are symbols of our measuring of time; they are not time and cannot create nor change time. Reiki symbols are only training wheels to use until you can allow Usui Reiki to flow without them.  <What is Reiki>

 As you develop the awareness to embrace the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki you connect with your true universal self and reservoir of compassion.  As you move through the levels this connection not only allows you to help people and other life forms, but increases your self-growth.



I remind you of the quote I have on my What is Reiki page . . .

The word “reiki” is used often by spiritual therapists during (the) Meiji (1868-1912), Taisho (1912-1925) and early Showa (1926-1988) Era.  Many people used the phrase “reiki ryoho” to refer to their therapies, and “reiki ryoho” is not original with Usui Sensei.  The name Usui Sensei used was “Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is origiankl with Usui Sensei .” © 2002 Hiroshi Doi.



No one can master universal energy or Mikao Usui’s spiritual practice, but you do have complete control over your own mind.   Mastering the mysteries of self is one of the wondrous things you learn through Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai.  



Learning Japanese Reiki

Hiroshi Doi, who joined the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in 1993,  summarized the style he created, Gendai Reiki Ho (Modern Reiki method for healing) by saying —  “Ayashiku-nai, Okashiku-nai, Muzukashiku-nai”.   Translated into English it is, nothing fishy, nothing odd, nothing difficult”.


Learn Komyo Reiki Kai.

Komyo Reiki Kai’s motto summarizes the balance and harmony of that Japanese Reiki style ,“Go Placidly in the midst of Praise or Blame“.


  When I studied with Hiroshi Doi Sensei he said (through a translator) in the class  “There are Reiki teachers that can be great teachers, but there are no grand masters in Usui Reiki.”  There are grand masters in martial arts, and Mikao Usui was a grand master in martial arts; he did not refer to himself even as a master in the healing art/spiritual practice that he founded.  <What is Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai>


What appeared in several photographs I took in my healing studio, two of which are shown on this page, was unexpected.  As was what appeared in another shown on my What are Gendai Reiki-ho and Kmoyo Reiki Kai page .

These photographs might fall into the mysterious category, if’ I did not have the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki always flowing through me.Advanced Usui Reiki

The photo to your left is a visual the universe gave to me to show me that universal energy is present even when we are not aware of it.  This was before digital cameras and photo shop.  I was using my Canon 35mm (old fashion film camera) with average color print film,  The only light was afternoon Western sunlight and light from the tea candle in my hands.  My camera was on self-timer.

Different colors have different vibrations.  However, colors, the same as Reiki symbols, have no power, in this photograph they simply represent something in my reality because it was a visual for me.  In classes I explain more about this color appearing in a vision I had, and how you can feel vibrations from colors.


Opening the envelope of photographs in my car I did not expect to see anything like this.  The photograph at the top of  Reiki healing sessions page came from that same roll of film, and as you see there are no colors. The colors also appeared in one frame when I was taking photographs of me allowing Usui Reiki to flow my Scottish Terrier.  Both photos were taken in Natural Healing & Learning Center with the same Canon film camera and average Kodak film.

 As you may have read in other places, while our eyes may capture over 400 billions bits per second we are only aware of a few thousand bits per second. Even though I was certain the camera had captured what my eyes had not, my left brain planted the seed of doubt.  The local lab that processed the film and printed the photographs checked the negatives, prints, and my camera for light leaks.  The only explanation for the colors is the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki.


I strongly suggest that you do not combine your hands with any flames. Instead resonate with your reality of universal energy and see where that takes you.



You can think of learning Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai in much the same way as I create my sculptors.


Open up to Reiki

First you begin with a block or form–such as the whole you, which includes your mind, body and spirit.



Reiki removes the negative

You take away from that block what is not needed, such as complicated and negative beliefs from too many possible sources to list.

Continue taking away until all those things preventing you from seeing/revealing the beauty that is within are gone.


Usui Reiki Ryoho allows you to be free Once the negative such as anger and worry are gone, self-growth begins and your true universal self can take flight.©

It may take hours of sanding and polishing, but the end result is a beautiful form that is uniquely yours.

Your brain has various sects in which to store memory, and all your other cells store memory, but when you know something it is within that place commonly referred to as the heart center, which is the place of true knowledge.

This is why taking the time in classes to know the feel vibrations and the reason behind the exercises and techniques is so important.



Living by the essence of Mikao Usui’s  first awakening, being opened to what he connected to in his second awakening and then learning the quintessence of his spiritual practice is advanced Reiki. 

In Shoden (first teachings) you learn to accept/be at peace with your present moment.  The empowerments  (attunement) is the beginning.

 One of the beautiful things that comes with Mikao Usui’s spiritual practice is balance and harmony. When every corner of this world is in-balance and with harmony there will be World Peace.  


When you recognize harmonic and inharmonic vibrations, and trust in Usui Reiki (universal wisdom) the ground on which you stand looks much different then it did before.  Life does throw curves balls, but once you learn how to move with the universal rhythm of love and harmony your life and the lives around become more harmonious.


Once Usui Reiki Ryoho left Japan various people changed the original method, resulting in hundreds of styles.  Nevertheless, no Usui Reiki teacher or practitioner of any style honoring Usui Reiki Ryoho will ever claim to be better then another, know secrets, or claim to know more than Mikao Usui.


When you take the time to learn the factual history surrounding the method Usui-Sensei created, you erase the word secret from your mind and replace with ‘amazing’ or ‘awesome’, or ‘humbling’, or ‘astonishing’, or similar adjectives.  Allowing Reiki to flow to anything organic or inorganic over time and distance simply feels natural as you understand that time and distance are human creations not recognized by the universe.


We can all have negative reactions to drugs, various herbs, materials such as latex, dyes, and other things.  I have not met anyone who has had a negative reaction to universal unconditional love and harmony.

King Solomon’s words reflect those of many other wise people through the centuries, “That which you know in your heart is that which you are”.  This also reflects the basics of Mikao Usui’s spirituatl practice being the Gokia said from your heart.



Letting go your ego allows the “true universal you” to surface, and your skills to unfold and bloom.  When you authentic-self shines you might be amazed.  The positive way in which Usui Reiki has touched many of my students and clients falls into the category of amazing.


Many of my students have expanded their natural talents/skills in ways that are best for them.  When Universal love and harmony is allowed to flow uninterrupted, what occurs in mind, body, and spirit can be amazing.

I was blessed that three of my Usui Reiki Shihans impressed upon me how important it is to blend Usui Reiki into my life 24/7. <Shihan Roberta R. Barnes>


A quote from Abraham Lincoln, a United States president, reflects on Mikao Usui’s meditation that allowed for his second awakening , “If you want something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done before.”

 In the hours of study in a style that has not been altered from Usui Sensei simply yet profound method/practice you may see his essence shining in the words of  Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Hunter Patch Adams, Dale Carnegie and many more.  Dale Carnegie gives a perfect example of trusting in the universe when a young blind boy was asked to find a mouse that was lost in the classroom. The teacher asking him to do this recognized that the universe had given Stevie Morris something no one else in the class had, a remarkable awareness of hearing, to compensate for his lack of visual sight. That teacher’s trust in the universe seeded that young boy’s trust and he came to be known as one of the great pop singers and songwriters of the seventies–Stevie Wonder.


Usui Reiki Ryoho allows those people with physical challenges that medical science lists in the ‘cannot be cured’ category to experience happiness in the manner best for him or her. Curable from within can take many forms, and Usui Reiki helps those forms to be uncovered.

We cannot visually see all that is within each of the zillions of atoms within the mind, body, and spirit. We cannot know the source of all symptoms the body chooses to show. The nice thing is that we do not need to see or know; Usui Reiki directed by universal wisdom knows where to flow and what to do when it arrives. If this sounds a bit magical, it perhaps is because universal energy is one of those things beyond logical reason. Actually each time you look out your window, you can see that way in which nature unfolds is magical.



It takes time to form actual knowledge, and there is no instant download for the essence of universal love and harmony to be embodied by your jing.   In spite of this, each step of the Usui Reiki Ryoho journey is blissful, if you allow it to be so.

The photograph to you right was taken by one of  my students.  It shows something neither of usReiki energy circle  expected.  At first glance, this photograph looks like it should be tossed.  As always, the word ‘should’,  is best tossed.

At second glance, what appears above my upward turned palms makes it a perfect photograph.

It is the message within the photograph that makes it perfect.

This photograph was also taken with 35mm film, and appears here just the way it developed.

 I am out-of-focus even though settings on the Canon Rebel camera were set for me to be in-focus.  The white circle  that clearly appears above my hands is an energy circle.


Many forms of energy create visuals. I never expected energy circles to appear in any photographs taken of me  Universal energy does not go by human expectations. This photograph shows that the balance and harmony that flows through a person outshines physical appearance and clothing.


 The focus of life is not on a person’s features, skin, hair, or the clothing worn.

The focus is on the energy that flows through her or him;

when balance and harmony flows the unexpected positive can happen.©


Take a moment and think about the various people that impressed you throughout your life. Do you remember the clothing he or she wore, or the hair style?  Or do you remember what he or she did or said. It is the energy flowing from a person that makes the biggest impression.

Regardless of what molecule you examine, energy is at the core.

Usui Reiki flows to the core to bring healing balance & harmony





Following are the words of one of  my Japanese Reiki Shihans, Doi-Sensei, Hiroshi Doi.  These words are copyright 1998, 1999 Hiroshi Doi.   He speaks Japanese, but one who understands the meaning behind the words translated this.

We are not Reiki, we are not the author of Reiki, we are simply and always the empty vessel (flute, tube, whatever) through which Reiki flows into another.

We cannot control it, we cannot demand it, command it, or even deny it as it comes for the Universal Author (Authoress) of Life & God/Goddess.

We are truly the instruments and as such we cannot claim to be better, wiser, or anything else than any other practitioner or teacher. That determination is left up to those who come to us for assistance or teaching, and to Creator who knows all.”


uncovering your authentic skills


It is good to remember that while different combinations can be an excellent synergy in one situation they can be inappropriate in another.


Massage therapists, all other medical professionals, and artists of all mediums blending Usui Reiki into his or her practice is perfect.


Stories are a wonderful way to get one’s point across, and the imagination is a wonderful gift.  Each person has the right to believe whatever he or she wishes.  Whatever a person chooses to believe about the history of Usui Reiki Ryoho it cannot take from the fact that the gift of connecting to the universal vibrations of love and harmony that Mikao Usui passed on is among the ultimate of gifts.


When Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai becomes a part of your life you will feel that welcome relief as the worry of where to place your hands is let go. Hand positions like symbols are teaching tools.

Trusting in Reiki to guide us, we do not need to know medical details, pressure points, the recognized 32 chakras, meridian (nadia) channels, colors, or other details used in various healing modalities.


Usui Reiki can be allowed to flow into everything, even hobbies you may have. Sculpting is one of the things I enjoy doing    At the bottom of this page are photographs of one of my sculptures that appeared when I focused  on Usui Reiki only.


When I stepped back and looked at the form the words of one of my college professors came to mind, form does not have to resemble details of life. Form flows, that is art.”

Usui Reiki Ryoho is a healing art in that it flows without any preconceived form; energy can take many forms.


Daily practice allows Usui Reiki to flow in a pure way that can enhance all your skills and relationships, even those in the work place.

Universl energy is in everythingAt first glance, these might look like two separate sculptures. Love and harmony

However, they are shots taken of the same sculpture from different sides.

The vibrations of love and harmony are always the same. Different Usui Reiki practitioners and teachers go into the light and connect to the energies within in his or her own reality.

No way is better then another, simply different and once all the training wheels and personal aids are put aside the unencumbered universal energy is the same.


It is good to remember that Mikao Usui went so deeply into meditation that one could say he lost consciousness.  When he discovered what he had connected to during his extremely meditation, he continued to expand his connection and practice to the extent where it is possible that centuries will pass before another person gains the knowledge that he did.   In the meantime, we can all enjoy the journey as we toss obsolete training wheels and props along the way.©


We thank you for not copying any of this page without the written permission of Roberta R. Barnes.  

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