Natural Healing Energy for Mind, Body & Spirit

Japanese Reiki classes & meditationGendai Reiki Ho Classes, Komyo Reiki Kai Classes, Healing Sessions and original Guided Meditations into your past take center stage in healing and maintaining Well-Being in Mind,  Body &  Spirit.


Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai focus on the well-being of the whole person or other life form. 

A piece of universal energy, vibrations of love and harmony flow to where is needed in mind, body and spirt. Once there it brings balance and harmony; what is in balance and with harmony heals in the best way for the life receiving at that junction in time. <What is Reiki>


Because of Mikao Usui’s diligence he created the spiritual healing art, Usui Reiki Ryoho, which focuses on healing as is best, sometimes before symptom are evident.  Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai each embraces the essence of Mikao Usui Sensei’s original Japanese spiritual practice/healing art, in which he introduced the key to health and happiness.  During my in-person classes you are shown how to use that key. <learning Reiki>


This piece of universal energy, we call Usui Reiki, flows to the core of what is causing pain. or other symptoms. Once at the core healing begins or is enhanced to create wellbeing in the whole person or other life form receiving. Having regular Reiki healing sessions is a way to maintain your health.  <healing sessions>

Everything is ENERGY

ENERGY is Everything

Regardless of which way you say it, at the core of all cells is energy.  There are countless forms of energy.  Usui Reiki is not a form of energy; Usui Reiki is a piece of universal energy/the source. <What is Usui Reiki>


Once the spiritual healing art founded by Usui Sensei crossed the oceans, distorted stories were created <read Common Reiki myths>


The universal vibrations of love and harmony create the healing balance & harmony that is needed in cells of the whole person or other life form; this includes the energy field (aura), meridian lines, chakras, light body centers, and more.  What is in balance and with harmony heals in the way that is best at that junction in time for the life receiving. <simple yet profound>


        The essence of the original Usui Reiki Ryoho as Mikao Usui created is Spiritual.
the healing that than happens in mind, body, and spirit is a byproduct. 


Universal energy does not discriminate.  Styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho, as created by Mikao Usui, can bring healing balance and harmony to all people, animals, birds and other life forms.   <healing sessions>


You can read about something or watch it being done, but to know requires experience. 

In-person classes give you the experience for knowledge. 


In Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai in-person classes you are guided to weave the healing balance and harmony of universal energy into all areas of life and uncover the true universal you that can include your innate skills.  <learning Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai> 



Some of my recent students wrote:

 I love the fact that Reiki can be woven into your entire life. I use the techniques and practices at work and at home.  You will definitely feel a sense of peace and calm if you practice.” – Cindy 


The principles/teachings really are priceless and something that can be beneficial in all areas of life.”  Josh.


The classes were planned and organized well.  They evolved at a good pace, with time to practice and incorporate into daily life.” Ashley 

More words from some of my students are further down on this page and on other pages 

Experience natural healing energy


The first question everyone asks when he or she hears the word Reiki is, What style of Reiki do you practice or teach?”

I, Roberta R. Barnes, teach and practice Gendai Reiki-ho in the essence in which on 2002 I learned in-person from its founder Hiroshi Doi. In 1993 Doi Sensei joined the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the society in Japan that Usui Sensei founded. 

 I, Roberta R. Barnes, also teach, and practice Komyo Reiki Kai, which in 2003 I learned in-person from its founder Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto

Doi Sensei and Hyakuten Sensei each live in Japan and each has only two Japanese Shihans (master instructor/teacher of high standing) between himself and Usui Sensei, I show my energy and technique lineages in each style in the copyright training manuals that are only available to my students. 

Sometimes I write Shihan and other times teacher. Shihan translates as either teacher of high standing or master instructor.  No one can master universal energy, but after many hours in classes completing all four levels, and many hours of practice a person can be a master instructor. <what is Reiki> 

The training manuals are a combination of my Shihans’ manuals (in English) and the notes I took in their classes.  Like my Shihans, I do not include all exercises I give in classes in my manuals but I do include a detailed history as I learned in-person from each pf my Japanese Shihans who each learned in-person from their Japanese Shihans.

 I am honored to have the lineages that I do, but most importantly I honor Doi-Sensei and Hyakuten Sensei by teaching in the essence in which each of them taught me. My teachings embrace the original spiritual healing art as Mikao Usui created.   <read more>  


Gendai Reiki Ho is the way to live your life healthily, peacefully, and happily in resonance with the Universe” international © Hiroshi Doi 2002


Today you can register for Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai classes, schedule a healing session or guided meditation, or listen to my Bluebird guided meditation by going to my Meditation & beyond page. Listening to this guided meditation can take you into a stillness where others have been reminded of the good luck in their life.   <Meditation and Beyond>

‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ workshop, Saturday August 3, from 1:00 – 3:30 PM is a series of guided meditations.  It will begin with a guided meditation to release subconscious blocks. You do not have to identify these or even know what created them.  From there it will be a series of guided meditations guiding you into conscious forgotten positive times in your current life, or a past life that is right for you to see at that time.

The question you will be answering that day is ‘how far down the rabbit hole can I go’. The fee is only $80.00 in cash or check. Call 207-445-5671 (no texting) or email to save your seat.


The healing through Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai can help you step away from haunting traumas of all types, increase mental clarity and emotional balance, and release negative karma.  Gendai Reiki-ho translates as Modern Reiki Method for Healing, but the meaning goes much deeper.   <What are Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai

As Mikao Usui said, all people and other life forms have an inner healer.  Nevertheless, that inner healer sometimes needs help, and the original spiritual healing art Usui Sensei created can provide that help

Our life force energy, our Ki/Qi energy, or energy within our meridian lines can become stagnate; our inner healer can malfunction. Exercises in Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai can restore the flow of energies and get our inner healer back on track. 

Styles that honor the original Usui Reiki Ryoho as Mikao Usui created, are complementary to other positive healing modalities.

If you are a medical care provider in a hospital or other medical facility, or in your own practice learning Gendai Reiki Ho or Komyo Reiki Kai can benefit your patients as Usui Reiki subtly weaves into and enhances medical care. Many licensed healing professionals add Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai into their practice.  


Through the hours in Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai classes you can learn to feel vibrations, experience self-healing, self-growth, expand your awareness, increase mental clarity, and uncover the true universal you.  <Learning Gendai Reiki-ho/ Komyo Reiki Kai>  


 Each level is important, and requires time to learn in classes and practice after classes.  I offer students enough time in classes to allow students to know through experience how to resonate with the universal vibrations of love and harmony flowing through him or her.  



Usui Reiki forms a restorative healing rhythm within the entire life form Integrated healing at its best! 


How I teach is best described by my students which you can see below and on my other pages: 

“To those of you who are thinking of enlightening your lives for the better, I would recommend taking classes from Roberta R. Barnes. I have taken . . . <read more>


Another of my students wrote She is truly the Real Deal, unpolluted and pure, a fountain of love and harmony.  If you are truly looking for a pure honest and factual learning experience then you need to spend time with Roberta <read more>

Because each life is unique, and each illness/injury in mind, body or spirit is unique, healing through Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai, as created, is unique to the receiver at that present moment.<What are Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai>


The gentle noninvasive healing vibrations of universal love and harmony, which we have come to call Usui Reiki, bring balance & harmony to any imbalances in all of mind, body and spirit.  When combined with, or following medical treatments/therapies/surgeries the receiver can heal faster, better and takes less pain medication.  <Simple, yet profound>


When every corner of this world is in-balance and with harmony 

there will be World Peace

You can begin changing your corner of the world Today.

This includes all that is in and on land, water and air.



Each person/life form is unique, and each Usui Reiki healing session is unique. Side effects of styles that embrace Usui Reiki Ryoho as created, such as Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo  Reiki Kai, are health and happiness; healing often happens faster and better than expected. If an imbalance has been present for a prolonged period, multiple injuries exist, or the life receiving has experienced numerous traumatic events multiple sessions may be required. When multiple sessions are best, I offer a discount on each fifth session. <healing sessions>


Usui Reiki is a piece of universal energy; it is never out of stock, does not have office hours or closes down on holidays.  <What is Usui Reiki> 


Usui Reiki is light, in its true nature it is pure light”. translation international © 1999

Your life is a journey that contains many journeys. As you advance on your Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai journey you can find yourself connecting more deeply with the piece of universal energy to which Usui Sensei connected and having a deeper connection with the true universal you.  Discovering the true you is one the great treasures if life.    <Learning Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai > 


Mind, body, and spirit are not separate from each other.         

      When mind, body and spirit are in-balance and surrounded with harmony they are in alignment and the quality of life can improve.

As was said by Patch Adams in the movie, “You treat the disease you can win or lose, but when you treat the whole person you win every time.Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo  reiki kai being helaiong blance and harmony to the whole person. 

In the hours in classes in each level I guide students through exercises that focus on the balance and harmony that comes from the piece of universal energy we call Usui Reiki. Have you ever noticed that harmonious people are often the healthiest and attract the positive?

As a person’s awareness expands through the hours of in-person classes in Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai, and practices exercises after classes, peace, tranquility, and joy can become his or her life’s internal GPS.  <What are Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai>


Experience natural healing energy

During Usui Reiki Ryoho healing sessions, the life receiving lays or sits, clothed if a person.   

Those receiving may not see Usui Reiki or be able to touch it, but she or he can experience the positive effects of the healing balance and harmony flowing to mind, body, and spirit together.  Common side-effects are health and happiness. 


Imagine being wrapped in the calmness of a warm healing blanket of balance and harmony as pure Usui Reiki flows to wherever is needed. When added before, during or after medical treatments patients have found that less pain medication is needed, and things such as fractured bones and cuts heal faster and better than expected . <healing sessions>


Experience natural healing energy

You might hear or read the words describing Usui Reiki Ryoho, but when you experience and feel the vibrations, you can know the true meaning within the original spiritual practice/healing art that Usui Sensei created. 

In-person classes for each level allow you to totally submerge into the universal vibrations of love & harmony. 


Experience natural healing energy


Gendai Reiki-ho has a much deeper meaning than the English translation ofModern Reiki method for healing’

Hiroshi Doi Sensei, founder/president of Gendai Reiki-ho describes it as, nothing fishy, nothing odd, nothing difficult“. international © 1999  

Usui Reiki cannot be measured, manipulated, or touched, but it is as real as the air you breathe and the gravity that keeps your feet on the ground. You may not be able to see the force of a magnet that attracts things, but the attraction cannot be denied. 

Gravity does not require symbols to bring anything down once it has been thrown into the air. Universal energy does not require Reiki symbols for it to flow. <What is Usui Reiki>

Styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho, such as Gendai Reiki-h & Komyo Reiki Kai,

are integrated healing

that improve the quality of life. 


Integrated healing is not a new idea, as we see in Plato’s wordsThe cure of the part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole”.   <Learning Gendai reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai>

In classes I help you to recognize the importance of the present moment.  Your life is a collection of present moments; when each moment is in-balance and with harmony health and happiness naturally follow.Shihan Roberta R. Barnes ©2004


Experience natural healing energy

 Mind, body, and spirit are not separate from each other.

Anxiety and worry in everyday life, and unreleased past trauma can cause physical illnesses; even allergic reactions can be triggered by stress.  The first guided meditation on Finding Your Solutions guides you into meditation.  The second guided meditation helps you to form the habit of looking beyond problems, enabling you to see possibilities.  <Meditation & Beyond>

When you are in the habit of looking beyond a problem to see the solution life changes gears; listening to my Guided meditation Finding Your Solutions can help you to get in the habit of switching gears.  


An example of the power within the stillness is after years of meditation and then 3 years of daily disciplined Zen meditations Mikao Usui attained enlightenment, opened to an actual piece of Universal Energy, and created his original Usui Reiki Ryoho <Meditation & Beyond>


The natural abilities you were born with can sometimes become overshadowed by opinions of others, experiences or technology.  Through Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai classes you can regain those abilities by uncovering your true universal self.  If you do not have time for classes, my original guided meditations and Reiki healing session package can help you to uncover abilities hidden within you. 


Enjoy the simple healing balance and harmony of the profound original spiritual practice/healing art that Mikao Usui founded in 1922. <learning Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai> 

2013 center summer 2Classes I teach in Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai, and healing sessions are offered in my healing studio nestled in nature in Maine, USA.

Happiness can be right outside your window <read more> 

Usui Sensei’s original spiritual practice/healing art brings Reiki healing and learning in Maine the healing light of balance and harmony regardless of the weather.

Usui Reiki is like the sun that shines, plants that grow, birds that fly, and snow that falls from the sky without any symbols, material objects  or human directions.   

Universal energy is all around us, but the vibrations of unconditional love and harmony from the highest dimensions require a body to flow through in which a pathway has been opened by a qualified Usui Reiki Ryoho Shihan. <learning Gendai Reiki-ho–Komyo Reiki Kai>

As Hippocrates said, The physician treats, but nature heals.”  

There are many different forms of energy. Usui Reiki is an actual piece of universal energy/the source.   Usui Reiki Ryoho as Usui Sensei created is different than other healing modalities; it can create a natural state of Wellbeing that is best of the life receiving at that junction in time. .    


The photographs on this website were taken around and in my healing studio, Natural Healing & learning Center, Maine, USA.

Call 207-445-5671 or Contact Roberta R. Barnes by Email today and begin your healing journey.


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Roberta R. Barnes, Gendai Reiki-ho Shihan, Komyo Reiki Kai Shihan (master instructor/teacher of high standing), Master Herbalist, Author, and Speaker.

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