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A Japanese Usui Reiki healing session is relaxing, revitalizing, and rejuvenating as universal healing energy flows to mind, body and spirit together. 

Usui Reiki flows outward repairing, rebuilding and strengthening as is best for you, or the life receiving, at that time.  A restorative rhythm flows through mind, body, spirit and energy field (aura), which results in complete integrated healing. 

The wellbeing you experience is more than just physical.  Over the years I have seen my clients heal in amazing ways, and heard many say I feel so good and relaxed yet full of energy. Scroll down for fees of my full, advanced and mini session, plus affordable packages.

Universal energy flows to the core of all cells/atoms in need healing the source rather than masking symptoms  The vibrations of universal love and harmony then shine outward bringing balance and harmony through all, including your aura.  There is nothing complicated about the healing art Mikao Usui founded and the number of sessions required for you to feel your best depends upon how long an injury or illness has been manifesting. 

As you lay, or sit, fully clothed the healing wave of universal love and harmony gently flows through you.  Most people, dogs and other animals, go into a nourishing state of relaxation that is just right for him or her; no odd rituals or material objects are used.   <read What is Reiki>

Such things as broken bones, sprains, frozen shoulders and less obvious things heal faster and better than expected; your need for pain medication also reduces.  Some illnesses , injuries, and traumas  require more than one session to bring you to the state of well-being that is best for you; no Reiki practitioner or Shihan diagnoses or prescribes, but I offer packages for when more than one session is best for you.

One clients said, It’s so simple, but feels so great.”–Allison  

Read on to learn more or call 207-445-5671 today and schedule an appointment for yourself, your pet or a human friend or relative. 

People often schedule weekly or monthly healing sessions to maintain their well-being that leads to health and happiness. Happier people are usually more sociable, productive, energetic, more likely to be in satisfying relationships, and generally live longer. 

I begin most Japanese Reiki healing sessions with a focused Japanese healing technique, which begins the healing of your mind, body, spirit and all within your energy field (aura). Reiju with Japanese Reiki healing sessionsThroughout the session Usui Reiki flows to wherever it is needed to bring the healing balance and harmony that brings about wellbeing/health and the opportunity for happiness.

These universal vibrations of love and harmony are safe and nonintrusive as they flow through clothing, and even casts; you are not required to extra drink water or change your normal routine prior to a session. 

 Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai (Japanese Reiki) are complementary. Healing sessions following an accident or trauma, surgical procedure or other medical treatments help you heal faster and better than expected, and lowers your need for pain medication.

                          Usui Reiki forms a restorative healing rhythm within the whole life  . . .  integrated healing at its best 

To keep my sessions affordable so that you can enjoy the integrated healing of Japanese Reiki as needed,   Full Reiki Healing Sessions, approximately 60 plus minutes of relaxation while balance and harmony flows to the core of the cells/atoms in need in mind, body and spirit — $60.00 by cash or check. 

Relax and heal in a Reiki healing session  Having regular Japanese Usui Reiki healing sessions can keep you feeling your best.

Purchasing a package of 3 full Japanese Reiki healing sessions is only $150.

Advanced Reiki Healing Sessions are approximately two hours in length.  These $105.00 sessions can include a guided meditation journey into your past (childhood or past life), or a mini personalized herb report.

Mini Reiki healing sessions are $35.00, which is perfect for young children, dogs and when multiple sessions a week are best in helping you through a difficult physical illness or trauma or emotional challenge in your life.


There is no people Reiki and Animal Reiki; Usui Reiki is a piece of universal energy, which flows to all life.  Japanese Reiki healing sessions are also for your pets, and live stock; Reiki for animalspeople often bring in dogs for a healing session.  Animals are so receptive to Usui Reiki that the $35 mini sessions is often all they need



Advanced Japanese Reiki with guided meditation Healing packages can bring needed well-being to negative vibrations from your past

The first package begins with a full Reiki Healing Session followed by a guided meditation into your past, which is a two hour session.  Three follow-up guided meditation sessions build on your first healing journey. This is a relaxing safe way to uncover your potential that may be laying dormant and let go past experiences that might be holding you back today.   These are custom guided meditations I create especially for you.  This  $275.00  package is at this time is $155.00 by cash or check.  

When you define yourself you can move forward in the best way for you.

The second package connects you deeply to your inner-self.  You will have the best experience from this if you have first attended one of my guided meditation workshops or had at least one private guided meditation with me prior to doing this package.  It begins with a full Japanese Reiki healing session followed by a guided meditation, which is a two hour session. Two follow-up guided meditation sessions build on your first healing journey.  Your fourth session is a mini Reiki healing session combined with another guided meditation taking you deeper.  The final session is a very deep guided meditation that allows you to see who you truly are, which is often different than how others or charts define you.  At this time this $370.00 package is $185.00


Call 207-445-5671 today or Contact Roberta R. Barnes by Email today and schedule an appointment for yourself, your pet or a human friend or relative.

 I offer an advanced guided meditation that takes you deep into the center of your being (your spirit/soul). In this deep state tape into the wisdom within you where you find unlimited potential, untapped creativity, and passion that you may not have thought possible. Because you go so deeply, this $60.00 two hour session I only offer to those who have done guided.

 You can see more about the guided meditation journeys, which can include going into your past (past -life regression) in private sessions or in workshops.   A painful past experience can turn minnows into sea monsters that are chained in the corner of your mind.  They remain chained until you break those chains and release them.


One client said about my guided meditations. — Roberta’s meditations are wonderful. They have brought me a lot of insight and understanding”. — Paula


Using Carl Jung’s word “synchronicity”, perhaps there is a reason why you have come to this website. Reiki complements nature  

Because my  healing studio is nestled in nature, you are automatically encased in harmonizing relaxation as you step from your vehicle.

It is the same relaxation that allowed this doe to bring her fawn to nibble on some young plants in the healing studio’s yard

The term healing touch can apply to a Japanese Reiki healing session as one of the places universal energy flows through is my hands.


Healing of the spirit is sometimes overlooked.  MIkao Usui said, “If our spirit is healthy and conformed to the truth, body will get healthy naturally.© international  <read more>

The Usui Reiki that flows through me to you is a piece of ‘the’ source of all energy, and energy precedes matter so instantly you can see how it can detox your mind, body and spirit. As said about certain herbs, it knows where to go and what to do when it gets there.  This is why Usui Reiki practitioners and Shihans (teachers) trust in universal wisdom rather then trying to diagnose, and prescribing medications.


Each person is unique and my hands are guided by the clients inharmonic vibrations that I feel in my hands; each healing session is therefore unique to each client.


Unless a Reiki practitioner or Shihan is a trained massage therapist, or other licensed medical professional, there is no tissue manipulation and the only clothing you remove are your shoes and outside jacket.


Some clients schedule monthly Japanese Reiki healing sessions simply to be able to take a peaceful break from the hectic pace of life.  Routinely taking time for the relaxation of a Reiki healing session makes perfect sense in maintaining homeostasis of your mind, body, and spirit.  The whole person being in balance and with harmony is important. Think how many illnesses are linked to worry, anger and anxiety.   As was said in the movie Patch Adams, “You treat the disease the you can win or loose, But you treat the whole person and you win every time.”


Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki kai  treat the whole person.   In my article The Past Cannot Be Changed, but Today Can.” I explains how Usui Reiki can lift a person out of emotionally bad times.


“The mind is the master and the body follows.” — Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto 2003.   In the safe relaxed state of a Usui Reiki healing session brain waves slow down, balance flows to those areas in need, and your mind becomes clearer.  In that calm state you view life differently.  Tension headaches often vanish as your fight of flight response is put on stand-by.



Experience natural healing energy

  • The most common thing clients say is how incredibly relaxed they become while Usui Reiki is flowing.

  • Clients say how grounded and clear-headed they feel following a session, yet energetic.

  • Your awareness in such areas as sight, sound, smell, and taste is heightened

  • Congestion in the head and chest is often relieved and it helps to drain both sinuses and ears.

  • A new mother can renew her vitality and experience a calming sensation.

  • During pregnancy, universal balance and harmony flows to both mother and baby.

  • Many headaches common vanish during a session.

  • Personal energy is replenished creating a renewed vigor for life.

  • Chronic pain often is relieved for two to four days following a session. Regular sessions help to cut down on needed pain medication.

  • Usui Reiki speeds the healing of both physical and emotional traumas

  • Everything that is happening within your mind, body, and spirit requires energy.   The second characteristic of all ecosystems is that they require energy.

  • ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) molecules that contain the right amount of energy to do a specific needed job and can be recharged many times before recycled. Usui Reiki is one of ways in which ATP molecules can be recharged.

  • Your immune system strengthens allowing greater ease in fighting off all physical and mental illnesses.  While I respect other people’s privacy, I will share with you how Japanese Usui Reiki helped my various broken bones to heal faster and better then MDs ever expected — it has also helped with other things in amazing ways.

Call 207-445-5671 today or Contact Roberta R. Barnes by Email today and schedule an appointment for yourself, your pet or a human friend or relative.


Disclaimer   — Usui Reiki does not replace professional medical care.  It is recommended you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological illness you may have. Neither Reiki practitioners nor Reiki Teachers can diagnosis or prescribe anything.

Reiki never interferes with the treatment of a licensed medical professional, but complements all healing modalities. No Reiki practitioner of any level diagnoses any illness unless he or she is a licensed professional medical provider.


Note — Thank you for respecting the © on all the information Roberta R. Barnes Gendai Reiki-ho Shihan, Komyo Reiki Kai Shihan (master instructor)  and  Herbalist Consultant and Author is sharing with you and not copying without Roberta Barnes’ written permission.

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