One review of What Tail? by R. R. Barnes said this is an amazing children’s book with the base of an excellent unique idea that unfolds to show children the strong subtle moral lesson to accept others who look and act differently”. Jim   In Gendai Reiki-ho you learned that the base is the most important section of everything; think of the buildings that have stood for centuries because they were built on a strong base.

Insightful is; a) accepting others who look ae act different from you  can open to some wonderful friendships b) discovering that sometimes looking different then others can be fun.  Delightful is the Annan Woods, a magical land, with many secrets and an animal whose smile is the only thing you will not forget to remember.

The mystery surrounding an animal’s tail will keep you guessing. In this affordable hardcover a child can read it again and again, lend to a friend and pass on to relatives. With all the adventures of some very unique animals, it is not surprising that this book was a bestseller.

The adventures will have children laughing, sitting on the edge of their seats and learning so interesting facts about some of the animals. The animal everyone forgets to remember what he looks like when not looking at him shifts each child’s imagination into high gear.  If you would like to read what Misty saw when she fist went into the Big Meadow click here to read page 2 in the first chapter ‘Follow Your Nose’. 

The land named the Annan Woods is where some very unique animals and a very smart owl live; it is a magical place where new possibilities appear each day.   What Tail?

When the little girl goes to find her own answers she does not find the Annan Woods ghost, but instead finds much more than she ever expected to find.  While she finds an animal that everyone forgets to remember, she also sees something that she will never forget to remember.

One reader said, “The story is delightful; I found myself laughing aloud at times. Children are sure to identify with the different animals and learn something about tolerance and friendship as they do so. Yet it always remains appealing and never feels moralistic.”Nelly

There are secrets in the Annan Woods that lead to the most unlikely of adventures and discoveries.

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An animal who the wise old owl who is the wisest of all wise owls named Ve walks and talks like other animals. He even likes to run through sunny meadows like other animals, but because of his secret he is not at all Like any other animals.


When reading, or having this book read to him or her, the child’s imagination is spurred and strengthened. Each child can describe the animal called Ve any way that he or she wants and no one can say that is wrong.

Anything is possible when children reading about the adventures of a unique animal in a fantasy story see the fun and friendship that acceptance and kindness can bring


Through the adventures you will see that being different is not just OK, it often is a very good thing to be.  As Wolvie says, “There is no good different or bad different. There is just different”.


          This story has so many positive moments. As a child to find acceptance with others and just be yourself. A lot of memorable characters to enhance the tale. Every child would love this read to them at bed time. Wish it was published when I was growing up!”– Bill


This children’s book What Tail? invokes the imagination; Albert Einstein said the imagination is more important than knowledge.

Everything we see, hear, and experience is our teacher. Children reading a fantasy book that includes the subtle message of acceptance of the differences in others and themselves puts them on the path of balance and harmony. The path our children walk today is our world tomorrow. 

Facts being available through our fingertips is great.  On the other hand, or paw, all technology began with seeds planted in the ‘what if’ section of the inventor’s imagination.  When the imagination of today’s children is strengthened we have tomorrow’s inventors.

We all look and act different from others, but it is Unique fantasy book What Tail?who we are inside that matters.

To your right is the first edition of What Tail? with dust jacket, which looks different than the second edition you see at the top of this page. This first edition in 2014 simply has a different cover then the second edition. This first edition is available though Balboa Press, and many other online retailers. 


   “I’ve just finished reading “What Tail?”, it is insightful AND delightful.”Lorraine


             “This is a perfect story for any child who thinks they are different than the other kids.”. –Mark

  “Everyone should read this book–-children and adults.”— Beverly 


Very creative, with a wonderful message about acceptance and celebrating our differences. It kept me questioning about Ve throughout the entire book.” – Victor 

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 In my Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai classes students are guided to see how our eyes can be the greatest obstacle to seeing. In What Tail? children see through the adventures that there are more important things than physical appearance.  

 The path our children walk today is our world tomorrow. Balance and harmony being the base of Usui Reiki Ryoho is why this post about a children’s fantasy book is on this website.  With acceptance of differences come balance and harmony.

When the imaginations of today’s children is awakened, the future Thomas Edisons step forward.

As you read on you will discover Ve had a very good reason for not coming out in the moonlight so that the wise old olf who is the wisest of all wise owls could see him.          


 An excerpt from ‘What Tail? Roberta R. Barnes © 2014

     Misty’s nose led her straight to the Annan Woods that is tucked behind the Great Pine Forest. Before she stepped out of the Great Pine Forest she stopped and leaned against one of the pine trees. There are two reasons why most people stop in the Great Pine Forest. First, it is such a great place for picnics that there is no reason to go any further. The other reason is that most everyone has heard about the Annan Woods ghost.

      Thinking about the ghost, Misty started to turn around and go home. Instead, she sat on the soft ground and thought. She thought how some people said the ghost was misty white and small like a rabbit. Then other people said it was bigger then the biggest bear and had a long dark tail. No one seemed to know exactly what it looked like, but everyone knew it was hiding, and ready to jump out and get you.”

Misty remembered how her cousins said that . . .

When you read what Misty’s cousins said you might find yourself giggling. As you read on you discover what she did that changed things in the Annan Woods forever.

 Perfect children's bookWith the combination of a weasel’s plan, a wise old owl’s words and a fox’s act of kindness, a bully changes in an unexpected way.

 When reading What Tail? children might take a deep breath, cross his or her fingers when an animal slips on a leaf at the wrong time, or continue guessing about the tail.   


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When reading What Tail? not only is the imagination stimulated by the adventures of the most unlikely of animals, but secrets are revealed. 

Such as: 

  • Why the animals says the wise old Mr. Owl is the wisest of all wise owls.

  • Why Misty thought the animal called Ve was the Annan Woods ghost.

  • Why Mother Nature gave skunks the terrible smelling oil that they spray. 

  • What happens to a beaver whose teeth are not always growing.

  • Why Wolvie calls Silver Tip the master of made-up words.  

  • Why Old king Bear and Leaber act the way they do.

  • Why no one should talk about Swish’s secret. 

  • What to do when you have had a terrible day.

  • The secret way to get anyhing that you want.

 This may seem like a long list for one book, but when a little girl decides to find her own answers and you have a one-of-a-kind animal anything can happen.


Many adventures happen in and around the raspberry bushes. 


Waht Tail? by Roberta R. Barnes You will know Silver Tip when you see him because he looks different than any fox you have ever seen before, but like everything in the Annan Woods he might look different depending where he is sitting.   What Tail? by R. R. Barnes


Another reader wrote —  “What Tail?  is the kind of book that should be read and read again to your children. It has a lovely calm, yet exciting pace. The almost hidden messages of tolerance are wonderful, and  the invites of imagination are perfect for  my son.”  -- Beth


When you are always being shown how everything is and should be, your imagination can become dormant.  A child’s imagination becoming dormant is a waste of a wonderful gift that is his or her birth right, and a good tool when used correctly. 

Reading ‘What Tail?’ is a wonderful way to awaken a child’s imagination.


Adults are merely keeping the driver’s seat warm for children to drive our future onto the path that is best for everyone.  Acceptance of other’s differences is the perfect direction in which to drive away from conflict. 


A harmonious world where everyone accepts those who look and act differently can begin with our children. Acceptance leads to balance and harmony, which leads to peace. 

You can order either edition of  ‘What Tail?’ by R. r. Barnes  through Amazon or  Barnes & Nobe, Balboa Press, other online retailers, or ask your local bookstore to order it for you.  


 One of the subtle messages woven into the unusual adventures in What Tail? What Tail? the perfect book for today's children is the gifts that come from kindness.

                      The next time you meet someone who has a great smile and is fun to be around will you care if you forget to remember what he or she looks like, or even if he or she had a tail?                                                                                            If a tail is wagging does it matter how long it is or what color it is?


  This is really an excellent story.  I stayed up till 1:30 AM after my son fell asleep reading it. You truly are very talented” – Jim.  


 What Tail? is a story that shows being different from others in a new light; as one or my students said, a charming story that shows the joy of being unique”.  It is a story where there are no categories and reading about the Annan Woods’ ghost may surprise you.  Even the breezes and moonbeams may surprise you.  

Everything we read, see, and hear has an impact on our actions.  Fantasy books are a fun way to learn positive things.  Certain traits and adventures of the characters in the Annan Woods are metaphors and the subconscious loves metaphors.


Much of the violence in this world is rooted in people not accepting others who look or act different from the way they look or act.

When every child learns acceptance today, the world changes tomorrow.  


While the non-fiction Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho manuals I write are only available to my students, everyone can purchase my children’s book ‘What Tail?’ by R. R. Barnes  

The manuals I write for each level in both Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are factual non-fiction based on what has been shared with me by both my Japanese Usui Reiki Shihans and a Canadian Usui Reiki Shihan who is diligent about gathering the facts about MIkao Usui and his spiritual practice. With so many distorted stories in the world about Usui Reiki it is important for people to know the facts, which are much more interesting and mazing. 

Nonetheless, I can easily switch gears and embrace my passion for telling intriguing fantasy stories that spur the imagination. My creative side. love of nature and storytelling while suppressed when teaching Usui Reiki Ryoho, it is evident in ‘What Tail?’.


Order today in either the first edition from Balboa Press; or either edition from Amazon,    Barnes & Nobel, other online retailers or your local bookstore and                                       enjoy a “unique and charming story”.

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