Usui Reiki,, meditation & herbs do not replace professional medical care.

Disclaimer   — Usui Reiki does not replace professional medical care.

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are complementary modern professional physical and mental care. It is recommended you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological challenge you may have. Neither Usui Reiki practitioners nor Usui Reiki Shihans (teachers/master instructors) can or will diagnosis or prescribe anything.

Usui Reiki never interferes with the treatment of a licensed medical professional, but complements all positive healing modalities.

No Usui Reiki practitioner of any level or Usui Reiki Shihan diagnoses any illness, unless he or she is a licensed professional medical provider.  Today it is very common for various people in different medical professions to study one or more levels of a style honoring Usui Reiki Ryoho.

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