A full Usui Reiki healing session lasting approximately 60 minutes is $60.00 paid in cash or by check.  Purchasing a package of 3 full Japanese Reiki healing sessions in the first session is only $150.00; this reduces the cost to only per session $50 per session.

A mini Usui Reiki healing session lasting 20 to 30 minutes is $35.00.

Advanced Reiki Healing Sessions are approximately 2 hours in length.  These $105.00 sessions can include either a guided meditation journey into your past (childhood or past life), or mini personalized herb report.



Advanced Japanese Reiki with guided meditation Healing packages

The first package begins with a full Reiki Healing Session combined with a guided meditation, which his a two hour session.  Three follow-up guided meditation sessions build on your first healing journey. This is a relaxing safe way to uncover your potential that may be laying dormant or your view of past experiences that might be holding you back today.   These are custom guided meditations I create especially for you.  This  $275.00  package is at this time $155.00.  


The second package is a total of five sessions which connect you deeply to your inner-self.  This is best if you have first done a workshop of had at least one guided meditation with me prior to doing this package.  It begins with a full Japanese Reiki healing session and a guided meditation, which is a two hour session. Two follow-up guided meditation sessions build on your first healing journey.   Your fourth session is a mini Reiki healing session combined with another guided meditation taking you deeper.  The final session is a very deep guided meditation that allows you to connect and see who you truly are, which is often different than how others or charts define you.  When you define yourself you can move forward in the best way for you. At this time this $370.00 package for $165.00    




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