Guided Meditation CD Finding Your Solutions

The CD Finding Your Solutions allows you to listen when is right for you.  

Listening to the gentle sounds of nature in the background you are guided into a depth of relaxation that is comfortable for you.

Program One– is a guided 15 minute breathing meditation that helps you learn to easily go into meditation.  The more you listen, you learn to bring the calmness experienced in this meditation into your daily life.

Meditation not only educes stress, but . . .
• Increases creativity and intelligence
• Improves memory and learning ability
• Increases energy
• Increases inner calm
• Reduces insomnia
• Increases happiness and self-esteem
• Reduces anxiety and depression
• Improves relationships
• Improves health
• Promotes a younger biological age.

Program Two – is a guided 18 minute meditation that exercises your right brain and helps you to see solutions. With the sounds of nature drifting in and out in the background you are lead on a relaxing journey to a place of your creation where no one has gone before.  In this safe comfortable place that is right for you problems do not exist. Without the presence of problems seed for solutions are planted that can manifest during the meditation or later when is best for you.

While listening you can:

  • Experience the beauty of awakening your creativity.
  • Give you analytical left brain a chance to rest and recharge while you embrace your life’s rhythm.
  • Learn to easily go into meditation and uncover the perfect mantra that has always been within you.
  • In only 18 minutes go into a state of relaxation that is right for you at that time.

The guided meditations on “Finding Your Solutions” are perfect to listen to on those hectic days when relaxation moves from being a luxury to being a necessity.  This is also the perfect gift for all occasions

For a limited time you can purchase this CD for only $1.00 plus shipping and handling.

No two people experience guided meditations in he same way.  You will go into the relaxed state that is best for you at that time, and see/hear/feel what is right for you.  Listening to this CD daily for 21 days has given others some amazing result.

Guied meditation CD

When you are able to. . .

 Tune-in to the stillness,

Turn-on to tranquility and peace, 

Drop-out of stressful thought patterns 

you can bring a positive calm into your life


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