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Sitting by a quiet lake is not the only place where you can go within to that place where no one else can go; that place that is free of mind clutter and stress.  <how to melt stress>

Finding Your Solutions is not what you think

Deep meditation and my guided meditations allow you to connect with the finest and brightest you. 

Others can tell you how they solved their problems, but only ‘you’ can find Your Solutions. When you look within, you can find your answers, your solutions and unlimited possibilities. 

“Meditation is finding that place within you where anything is possible”–Buddha.  

Through daily meditation, Japanese Reiki meditations, or listening to one of my original guided meditations you can go beyond ordinary levels of consciousness. These levels are safe and allow you to reach that peaceful state of calm.  When you stop thinking, without falling asleep, you go to a place where you can find treasures that are solely yours, and after coming out of meditation you can think more clearly. 


     Gainhealth through meditation In classes I  learned directly from Hiroshi Doi Sensei and Rev. Haykuten Inamoto Sensei that meditation is a method of looking within to uncover truth and cosmic oneness.  Meditations created by my Japanese Shihans are included in each of the four levels of Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki kai that I teach.

When you weave meditation into your daily routine the result is an increase in your wellbeing. Some of the most noticeable things are: 

  1. stress melting <read more>

  2. your creativity increasing as mind clutter dissolves <read more>

  3. new neurons being generated

  4. discovering your hidden talents/skills.  

When you practice daily meditation it can . . .

  1. reduce insomnia

  2. open you to a calm that leads to happiness and self-esteem

  3. reduce your anxiety and depression, so that you are able to see more positive things in live

  4. improve your relationships

  5. increase your energy level 

  6. develop your sense of inner calm

  7. improve your memory and learning skills

  8. improve your health promoting a younger biological age

  9. purposely create aha moments <read more>

  10. helps you to uncover the tranquility and joy stored within your inner conscious.  

 Did you know that allergic reactions can be triggered by stress, anxiety and worry?  Many illnesses can be caused by those upsets that cause stress.  When the mind and spirit are healed the body naturally follows, which is why Gendai Reiki-ho, Komyo Reiki Kai and meditation perfectly complement each other.

Meditating in a group can be powerful.  Through the local Adult Education I am teaching Health through meditation Tuesday evenings for 7 weeks from 6:00 -7:00 PM beginning October 2, 2018. Most of the time each week will be spent in meditations increasing in length as those attending are ready. It is $45.00 for the 7 weeks and paid to RSU #12 Sheepscot Valley Adult Education.


You can see problems everywhere if you look for them. When was the last time you looked beyond a problem to see the solution? The second program on my CD ‘Finding Your Solutions’ takes you to a place where there are only solutions; you may not see your solution, but you can form the habit of looking at/for solution.

After a number of times of being guided into a place where only solutions grow, your default can become to look beyond a problem for the solution.

In Finding Your Solutions before being guided to that place where only solutions grow there is a program that guides into a state of relaxation that is right for you at that time, and then easily into meditation.

CDs may be old school, but with headphones there are no distractions to one of the most beneficial ancient practices–change your thoughts and change your life. 

Guied meditation CDFirst guided meditation on Finding Your Solutions introduces you to easily going into meditation. You are also given 4 minutes to slip into the stillness as practice for longer meditations without guidance.                                                          The second guided meditation takes you to a beautiful place in nature that is solely yours where you can leave worries, must haves and must dos because all that grows here are solutions.  Continued listening to this meditation helps you to form the habit of looking beyond problems to see solutions.

For $12.95 at this time.

Tune-in to the stillness 

Turn-on to tranquility & Peace

Drop-out of stressful thoughtful patterns


 The stillness you enter into in meditation is void of mind clutter and all the triggers of stress; your mind is quiet and a quiet mind is an insightful mind. Aristotle said, “The energy of the mind is the essence of life”. <read melting stress> 

Albert Einstein said, The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”. 

The trite expression Free to be me’ describes what you feel when worries, fears, anger, doubt, and mind clutter melt.  


The original guided meditations I offer privately and in workshops allow you to observe slices of your past that are right for you to remember at that time; sometimes that past is one of your past lives. Going into your past is a way to define you. When you define yourself you can move forward in the best way for you. <see healing sessions>


December 2nd from 12:30 – 3:00 PM  is the Let Go & let the magic begin Workshop. This is perfect for anyone who has a pronlem relaxing  You begin with relaxation exercises to clear mind clutter,  following will be a guided meditation to let go of past moments that stealyour attention away from enjoying the present moment, and then a guided meditation to open up. The last guided meditation will be a delightful journey into your own positive imagination, which can happen once the analytical mind is put on hold. This is the perfect workshop to help you to relax the analytical or logical thinking mind, and allow the creative mind to awaken and expand.  As a treat for the upcoming holidays this workshop is only $35.00

 One client’s comment  — Roberta’s meditations are wonderful. They have brought me a lot of insight and understanding”. — Paula




We are human beings not human doings, so taking slices in time to simply ‘be’ makes perfect sense.

            Meditation is the opposite of trying to make something happen, it is simply being.

         When you let go of other people’s opinions of who you are, you can then define yourself.

When you define yourself, you can move forward in the ‘best way for you’.

  ‘Meditation is not what you think’ may be a trite saying, but it is true. Imagine all your mind clutter as balloons and as you slip beneath them you are cutting all the strings so that they can drift away.   <read erase mind clutter>    



Helen Keller described the beauty of life that you experience when you close your eyes and hush the outside chatter as she signed,The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart.” In Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki-Kai classes I teach one of the most important things about the heart center.

When the outside world is hushed you can find your voiceyour passion, your purpose in life and often uncover treasures within you.   You were born with an authentic skill; a skill that cannot be learned, but instead must be uncovered/remembered. 

 As you read down you will see more about the guided meditation workshops I offer as well as private guided meditations.  


One of my purposes in giving guided meditations is to help you unlock the wisdom within you.

  • The deeper you go  into meditation, the more you open to your reservoir of insightful wisdom.
  • The deeper you go, the more you allow your left and right brains to join in a dance that can bring abundance into your life.
  • The deeper you go you feel your own rhythm — feeling your own rhythm brings you closer to hearing your heart’s song.

  To register for classes or workshops, or private guided meditations call 207-445-5671 or Contact via Email Roberta R. Barnes for private guided meditations.

Through the stillness of meditation or guided meditation you learn to take the time to enjoy the moments in life that can fly away in a second.

being in harmony with nature When you take the time to look beneath bold colored flowers you might see one of nature’s fleeting beauties.  

 With meditation you can learn to see the beauty in the caterpillar–without the caterpillar their would be no butterfly.<read more>

Meditation is actually the art of connecting to the beauty within you. In the stillness of meditation you can find light on the darkest of days.

 Some people spend most of their life looking outward for a source of happiness and fulfillment.  When you look inward you find inner joy that brings you confidence and fulfillment. Opening up and looking inward you may be amazed at the sources of happiness you find. 

Meditation is similar to Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai taught in the essence in which they were created; it allows you to explore your true nature, and restore the memory of the wholeness in your life. Looking inward you find strength, creativity, and wisdom. The quote, A problem cannot exist unless the solution for it exists at the same time”,  is good to remember when you are do focused on your challenge that you cannot see the solution. Solutions are not always what you think.


nature brings happiness Sometimes you think you cannot see the solution because solutions are not always what you think.

Looking to your left you see the herb Borage (Borago officinalis), which legend says when growing in front of a home will bring happiness to those within the home.  It has been used for dispelling melancholy, externally soothing sprains, fostering courage and on cuts, burns and more. <healing herbs>

Borage is a self- seeding plant and this borage plant growing so tall and full behind the dragon might seem out of place if we reflect on some fantasy images of dragons.  The vibrations created by any negative legends of dragons are brought into balance when combined with the vibrations created by the legends and use of borage.  Vibrations is one of the things you can learn about in my Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai classes <learning Usui Reiki Ryoho>




past life regressions Revisiting a forgotten time in your current life, or observing one of your past lives are journeys of self-discovery and seeing through different eyes can bring a peaceful balance to your view of that time.

Your cannot change your past but you can change your view of past experiences through the guided meditations I give privately and in workshops When you change your view of an experience you can change your belief and then change your reality. Your reality is directly connected with your subconscious that control 88 to 96% of all your actions. 

 It is not your experiences that from your beliefs, it is how you view those experiences.  Your view forms your beliefs, and your beliefs form your reality.  Your reality is your auto pilot that often determines how you respond to everything in your daily life.  If your reality is not allowing your to function at your best, the cycle can be broken when you are taken back to view the experience through different eyes.

Even if you cannot visually recreate an experience/event, the knowledge and feelings you formed at the time of the experience remain within you. Even when a person has total amnesia the feelings created by how he or she viewed an event and the knowledge gained, are not erased.  


 If in a session or workshop you follow my guidance, you stop thinking about what you should be doing. Your mind and body relaxes, and you go into the Alpha or below level.  Your subconscious takes the lead and the wisdom that is unlocked may surprise you. 

The guided meditations I give are journeys of self-discovery, one of the most important and exciting journeys you can take.


From the science world, authors Thibodeau & Patton tell us, ‘the altered state of consciousness known as meditation leads to decreased sympathetic activity and a group of changes opposite to those of the ‘fight-or-flight response’ <how to melt stress>

The guided meditative journeys I give are safe gentle ways to  discover, release and bring calm into your life. You only go into a depth that it right and comfortable for you at that time.  You can discover the authentic you, and that skill that is not learned but instead remembered.

In private guided meditation sessions, painful memories can be tossed away once you see them as the safe observer. Discovering the reason why you were afraid or angry with something, often is all you need to bring the relief that allows you to move on.

As in my Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki kai classes,  the guided meditations I give can have the following effects:

1) Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your authentic sill in life.

2) The disintegration of obstacles in your life’s path.

3) The letting go of thought patterns that have kept you from moving forward in life and rewriting old tapes in you mind.

4) A freedom from the fears that were not helpful to you.

Private guided meditation are $60, unless in a package of three sessions, or a package with a Reiki healing sessions.  You can see theses packages on my healing sessions page.  To hear a sample of my guided meditations continue to read on and you will find my Blue Bird offered to you at no charge.

 Workshops are scheduled and are listed on my classes and workshop page.  

One client said,  “The way you took me into my past lives was so wonderful in helping me to understand things in my life today.” –Julie 


Sometimes you might recognize a negative vibration that simply hovers over you, but you cannot connect it with an event.  I create guided meditation journeys to help you locate what created those negative vibrations so that you can release them.

A painful past experience can turn minnows into sea monsters that are chained in the corner of your mind.  They remain chained until you break those chains and release them.

In my Letting Go workshops I guide you to  break those chains and set the monster(s) free.


When life is moving in a direction that results in sleepless nights, going beneath your thoughts into the tranquil stillness of Guided Meditation moves from being a luxury to a  necessity. Instead of reaching for a drink or pill to help with life’s overwhelming problems, try getting into the habit of daily meditation, or doing the exercises I teach in either Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki Kai classes every night for a  period of time.


Imagine the well-being you will experience when you weave meditation and Traditional Japanese styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho into each of the present moments that compile your life.

Have you ever started to clean out a closet, but after awhile it was easier to push the clutter even further back in the closet?  The same thing can happen with your mind, which is one of the reasons I offer a letting go workshop, or in private guided meditations.

“Out of sight out of mind’ only works in theory.  Think of pushing a cat to the back of your closet and imagine the mess you will find if the door stays closed too long. Carl Jung’s quote, ‘The cat neglected becomes the unconscious tiger’  fits with this thought train.  The unconscious tiger is anything that is a monster to you. The bad thing is that your reaction caused by that monster can come from something you see, hear, smell, taste, or even touch.

Call 207-445-5671 today and schedule your guided meditation session or advanced Reiki healing sessions which includes a full Japanese Reiki healing followed by a guided meditation that is best for you at that time. <healing sessions>

Once your monster is out of the closet, or unchained, many of your reactions are history and you are back to acting instead of reacting.  Tigers or monsters can easily be created through no fault of anyone.


You most likely will have remembered the flame that burned your finger. On the other hand, the flame that brightened up a dark room might have been forgotten.  Meditation and the Japanese Reiki I teach join together in helping you to uncover those forgotten or dormant things that can bring you happiness.

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE workshop is a series of guided meditation journeys that take you deeper and deeper into your past for self-discovery.     Down the Rabbit hole workshopIf you look in the lower right of the photograph above you will see that the name of this workshop might be confusing to some. Nevertheless self-discovery is fun and safe when experienced in a healing studio fill with the universal vibrations of love and harmony.  You go to a depth that is safe and comfortable for you at that time.  The question you will be answering is ‘how far down the rabbit hole do I want to go’. 

The workshops I offer are not only for discovery, but to make you aware of your hidden potential. Visit my Reiki classes and workshop page to see the scheduled dates and time for not only my Down the Rabbit hole workshop but . . .

  1. Letting go workshop is a series of guided meditations to release feeling attached to past experiences, feelings that are holding your back from enjoying today.  I  have had many clients say, ‘Wow I just feel so much lighter now!”                                                                                                  
  2. Raising Your Vibrations focuses on viewing past experiences through today’s eyes, which create different vibrations. You views create your beliefs and your beliefs create your reality that is your GPS in living today.  You can change your reality as needed  and raise your vibrations through this series of guided meditations that allow you to make a connection with the finest and brightest within your.
  3. Opening up workshop  This workshop helps to remove those filters in that have prevented you from seeing what is natural but some refer to as supernatural. You saw many things when you were very young that you do not see now. As your brain developed filters to block so that you no longer saw or heard those things that others thought were strange.  You are also guided to know that you can  see the energy fields surrounding all life forms (auras), and tap into positive forms or energy around you.
  4. Connecting workshop.  As you learn to step away from your conscious expectations, you also open yourself to making the connection with your true self and the souls of pets and wildlife. With the non-threatening gentle approach you will be guided into, most will be open to playing with you at that level.  This workshop can help you get back some positive things lost.


My article “The Past Cannot be Changed, but Today Can” shows how powerful reprogramming your way of thinking can be. How you see things today is important, as one Zen saying portrays, ‘Now it’s all you have’.

If you like more information please send an Email to contact Roberta Barnes or call 207-445-5671.



Being in harmony with nature  is one of the things you feel when you study either Gendai Reiki Ho or Komyo Reiki Kai, and in meditation.  Balance and harmony naturally happens in nature without charts, graphs or symbols; grass simply grows, fish swim, and birds fly without downloads.

As you read on What is Usui Reiki Ryoho page — Wildlife doesn’t search for ‘state of art’ ways to make things better, everything in nature is simply in-harmony with the natural world/universe around them as they follow their dharma (sanskrit word that is not a law but universal/authentic self).   <read more about Usui Reiki and nature>

Nothings in nature works, yet everything works in nature. <read More>


 You connect with nature every day, whether you realize it or not, which is why being in harmony with it is important. In my book fantasy children’s book What Tail? the breezes give advice to the main character.

Reiki heals all wildlife When did you look into a field or your own back yard and see  The Elder One?

These photographs  to your left  have an interesting story behind them <read More>  

Nature speaks to us in a very basic spiritual way.

A better understanding of this comes from reading my article, ‘Life . . . It’s Beautiful’ first published in my column in the Amherst Daily News in Nova Scotia, Canada.

 You will see the last line is,  “Stop and think, is there anything more precious than life in any form”.

Click here to read more about how Japanese styles of Usui Reiki are in harmony with nature.

 At this present moment I invite you to make yourself comfortable, turn off your phone, and take a few minutes to relax and enjoy one of my original guided meditation with the perfect visuals provided by ICE Worldwide.  



When listening to this Bluebird Meditation, © Roberta R. Barnes you may uncover those positive things already within you.  My inspiration was the legend that if a bluebird lands on a sprig of wheat by your front door good luck will come to you–as you listen you may find luck is already within you.  


This is one example of the original guided meditations if give in workshops and in private sessions to help people connect with their conscious where many positive skills and knowledge is stored. attributes are stored.   When these guided meditations are combined with one of my Reiki healing sessions the healing can go into vibrations from one of your past lives. <Reiki healing sessions>

 Would not life be a lot simpler and friendlier if everyone looked beyond their problems and saw solutions?

The CD Finding Your Solutions allows you to listen at a time and in a place right for you.

The first guided meditation walks you through an easy way to meditate, and the second guided meditation helps takes you to a place where only solutions grow and helps you form the habit of looking beyond problems where solutions appear.  

  • Experience the beauty of awakening your creativity.

  • Give you analytical left brain a chance to rest and recharge while you embrace your life’s rhythm.

  • Learn to easily go into meditation and uncover the perfect mantra that has always been within you.

  • In only 18 minutes go into a state of relaxation that is right for you at that time.

Guied meditation CDListening to the gentle sounds of nature in the background helps you to focus on the voice guiding you into that state where there is no one to judge you and no need to judge yourself; a state of being where planted seeds for solutions manifest at the right time for you.

The guided meditations on “Finding Your Solutions” are perfect to listen to on those hectic days when relaxation moves from being a luxury to being a necessity.  This is also the perfect gift for all occasions


When you are able to. . .

 Tune-in to the stillness,

Turn-on to tranquility and peace, 

Drop-out of stressful thought patterns 

you can bring a positive calm into your life





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