What are Gendai Reiki-ho & Komyo Reiki Kai

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are styles that help you learn to weave the essence of Usui Reiki Ryoho as it was originally created into everyday life without complications. 

The practices of Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki kai is learning to live in an energetic state of Love and Harmony rather than living by manmade rules and materials. Through exercises your awareness expands in all areas, and the healing balance and harmony of the universe flows into your daily life.

Science has computer virus prevention and flue virus prevention; Usui Reiki Ryoho is the prevention for negative thought virus that causes physical mental illnesses.

 What is written here is basically an introduction, what is learned in classes goes far beyond what is written here.  Hiroshi Doi  wrote ‘Iyashion Gendai Reiki-ho’ to introduce Gendai Reiki-ho to the general public.  The original translation of this book in 2000 is excellent, but it is only the tip of the ice berg of what is  taught in his classes and what is in his training manuals that are only available to his students,  

You may have heard that Roberta Barnes teaches Japanese styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho. Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are often referred to as Japanese Reiki because each was created in Japan by a Japanese Shihan who has only two Shihans between himself and Usui Sensei. Most importantly they both honor the essence in which Mikao Usui created his original method to heal mind, body and spirit together. 

In other words, Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai embrace the quintessence of what Mikao Usui Sensei created after he attained enlightenment and opened to an actual piece of universal energy during his second awakening.  In the first class of Shoden I explain both of Usui Sensei’s awakenings and the importance of the first.

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai guide you to weave the piece of universal energy we have come to call Usui Reiki into your life without complicationsUsui Sensei created 3 symbols to help those students who had to have something visual to represent energy.  You can compare symbols to training wheels on a bicycle; imagine how complicated turning corners and going fast would be if you added lots of training wheels onto the bicycle. Once you have learned your balance you have not needed for training wheels and can ride freely, which is shy in Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai you learn to transcend all training wheels.  <Classes in Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai>

You are guided in simple ways to weave healing balance and harmony of universal energy into all areas of  life.  Usui Reiki cannot be measured, manipulated, or touched, but it is as real as the air you breathe. <read What is Reiki>

When what we have come to call Usui Reiki is flowing, any stagnate energy begins to flows and balance and harmony is created in any atom that is malfunctioning.  In classes I guide students to allow Usui Reiki to flow through his or her hands, eyes, breath, and other areas needed by the receiver to achieve a natural state of well-being. 

Hiroshi Doi, who joined the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (the original society founded by Mikao Usui)  in 1993, created Gendai Reiki-Ho as a way to practice Usui Reiki Ryoho in everyday life. 

Once Usui Reiki Ryoho left Japan misinformation was passed on through translation errors and other reasons. In Gendai Reiki-ho we focus on the true mysteries of life and the healing beauty of universal love and harmony.

I met Hiroshi Doi the founder of Gendai Reiki Ho and Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto the founder of Komyo Reiki Kai at URRI 2002 in Canada.  While these styles often referred to as  Japanese Reiki are different, they both embrace the essence in which Mikao Usui founded Usui Reiki Ryoho in 1922, and are practice as it was in Japan in the 1920s. <what is Reiki> 

The three powerful words I was told after asking Doi Sensei and Hyakuten Sensei a question on a break at 2002 URR international, I repeat to my students in classes as they reflect the essence in which usui Reiki Ryoho was created. 

Please note that when I state that Usui Sensei said it is © Universal Copyright 1999.  Gassho (thank you with honor) for respecting the copyrights shown here.

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are blissful journeys on which your awareness, without ego, expands and the quality of your life improves.

The purposes of Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai follow Usui Sensei’s essence.  Usui Reiki Ryoho is a beautiful journey and not a destination. 

Each level in the journey is honorable and consists of a complete cycle that returns to the point of origin.

 You know each cycle has ended when you are in-balance with the mysteries of self, and the thinking mind is not involved in allowing Usui Reiki  to flow.  The completion of each cycle takes you closer to the state of complete peace, tranquility and joy.

 Following Mikao Usui’s essence Usui Reiki Ryoho is a journey without ego; your awareness of events during this journey is simply acknowledgement without judging or expecting to be judged.


“The word “reiki” was used often by spiritual therapists during (the) Meiji (1868-1912), Taisho (1912-1925) and early Showa (1926-1988) Era.  Many people used the phrase “reiki ryoho” to refer to their therapies, and “reiki ryoho” is not original with Usui Sensei.  The name Usui Sensei used was “Usui Reiki Ryoho.”© 2002 Hiroshi Doi <read more on What is Reiki>


Doing the exercises in Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai classes as your awareness expands you find yourself feeling what is beyond description.  As you go further in classes and practice you experience the wonderment of mind, body and spirit healing together in a beautiful rhythm of mind, body and spirit together not visible to the human eye. The rhythm expands through the receivers aura and beyond.

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are both complementary to modern professional scientific medicine; the emphasis placed on spiritual is because iwhen the spirit is healed the body will follow. In classes you can come to understand the importance of mind, body, and spirit healing together in the best way for the life receiving at that moment in time. These Japanese styles  guide you to go beyond what your five senses can identify.   

  Once you resonate with universal vibrations of unconditional love and harmony you have the freedom to let go negative emotions and feel the tranquility of balance and harmony, which brings inner joy. Have you ever noticed that harmonious people are the healthiest?


Gendai Reiki-ho 

       Gendai Reiki-ho translates as Modern Reiki Method for healing, but the meaning behind the words shows it embraces the essence in which Usui Sensei created his method rather than adding in odd rituals and unneeded material objects. It is one of the fastest growing methods of Usui Reiki Ryoho coming directly from Japan.. The Japanese Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho was passed on to him by the 6th president of the URR Gakkai, Koyama Kimiko and others  as I explain in classes.. 

Hiroshi Doi created Gendai Reiki-ho as a way to weave Usui Reiki into your daily life in the modern world. I teach Gendai Reiki Ho in the same way as I learned it from Hiroshi Doi who joined the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in 1993.  He created this style based on the methods used in the Gakkai, his knowledge having completed other styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho prior to joining the Gakkai, and some of the older techniques no longer taught.

The practice of Gendai Reiki-ho is learning to live in an energetic state of Love and Harmony rather than living by manmade rules, symbols and materials. As Doi Sensei said, “Love is the essence of the great universe, harmony is its will and healing is to be realized as a result”.  

Hiroshi Doi’s dojo in Japan is called Gendai Reiki Healing Kyokai. He presents the spiritual practice Mikao Usui founded as it was understood and commonly practiced in the 1920s and 1930’s in Japan.  I first completed the level allowing me to teach Gendai Reiki ho under a Canadian Gendai Reiki-ho Shihan who studied with Doi Sensei.  I then completed the updated Shihan level directly under Doi Sensei because I wanted to make certain I was able to teach in the essence in which Usui Sensei founded his spiritual practice.  I focused on each of Doi Sensei’s words during classes, embraced the empowerments an power Gendai Reiju I receivd from him,  and asked questions on breaks for my own understanding and self-growth.

Gendai Reiki-Ho is a teaching style approved of by the Gakkai. The style taught within the Gakkai, and any written materials that survived the WWII bombing are not shared with anyone who is not a Gakkai member, and no one except Gakkai members know exactly what goes on inside the Gakkai.  All that is known is that the essence of the strong yet gently and beautiful healing art Mikao Usui created has been preserved.  At one time this society was called Usui Shiki Ryoho Gakkai; names may change but the essence does not if embraced,   

  As you have noted on the Reiki training page the levels to be a Shihan of Gendai Reiki Ho are Shoden, Okuden, Shinpiden and then the teacher’s level Gokuikaiden.  Gokuikaiden is the Shihan or master instructor level.  Obviously no one can be a Reiki Master; if the noun Reiki is used in meaning of the spiritual practice Usui Reiki Ryoho that would require someone to be the master of the universe energy.  After putting hundreds of hours in study and practice a person can be Shihan (master instructor or advanced teacher). 


Hiroshi Doi teaches to do your best, and then allow the universe to take care of the rest.


Gendai Reiki-Ho is not a new school of Usui Reiki, but a new way to practice Usui Reiki Ryoho by bringing Mikao Usui’s teachings into modern daily life.  Much of the philosophical concepts in the material are Japanese mainly comming from the Usui Reiki Gakkai and not part of Western Reiki, which is why many people who  have completed any level of Western Reiki go on to study this style


Learning Gendai Reiki Ho


 Gendai Reiki-Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai can be thought of as traditional Japanese Reiki, because they honor the essence of Mikao Usui’s method and do not add in extra symbols, material objects and rituals created by other people. Mikao Usui raised three men to the level enabling each to teach his method (Usui Reiki Ryoho), and because each  person has a unique reality, those three men taught differently.  I  explain about this in my classes and my extensive student manuals.

I completed the update teacher’s levels in Gendai Reiki-Ho directly under Hiroshi Doi, and Komyo Reiki Kai directly under Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto. Hiroshi Doi  has only 2 teachers, both Gakkai presidents,  between himself and Mikao Usui.  Rev Hyakuten Inamoto also has only 2 teachers between himself and Mikao Usui, through Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (a retired naval officer who was a MD prior to being one of the three men Mikao Usui raised to the level allowing him to teach Usui Reiki Ryoho). 


In one of Hiroshi Doi’s books translated into English in 2000 he writes, “Usui Sensei taught regular members healing for themselves and other, like joy of life and enhancement of happiness.”  © Hiroshi Doi 2000  



Komyo Reiki Kai

Komyo Reiki Kai also comes directly from Japan and like Gendai Reiki Ho details the essence of the spiritual practice Mikao Usui founded.   Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto (Hyakuten Sensei to me) says “Komyo Reiki presents Usui Reiki as it was understood and commonly practiced in the 1930’s in Japan. 

It is based on the teachings of Dr. Chuujiro Hayashi as learned by his student Mrs. Chiyoku Yamaguchi 1938 to 1940.  It is influenced by Hyakuten Inamoto being a Buddhist monk, and adds in concepts from Gendai Reiki Ho.

This system places emphasis on spiritual unfoldment through the practice of Reiki Ryoho, aiming for “satori” or enlightenment. “Komyo Reiki Kai is a “keep-it-simple” Reiki system and practice. 

I teach as I learned from Hyakuten Inamoto in 2003, because I respect the wisdom of my Shihans I honor them by not changing the styles.


Learning Komyo Reiki Kai


The practice motto is: “Put your hands, Surrender, and Smile.” The more peace and balance we cultivate in our lives through Reiki practice, the more we directly experience what Mikao Usui called “the miraculous medicine of all diseases.”  

Komyo Reiki Kai is style created by Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto; like Doi-Sensei, Hyakuten-Sensei has only two Reiki Shihans between himself and Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui only raised three out of 2000 students to the level where they could teach and open others to the form of universal energy called Reiki.   Komyo Reiki Kai’s purpose is believing that underlying true happiness is physical,  mental, emotional, and spiritual good health, and


How to raise your energy level



Both Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai are styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho as it was understood and traditionally practiced in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s, without being altered; they are simple yet profound.

Mikao Usui founded his spiritual practice around his connection with the piece of universal energy, which is the source of all energy, so there is not way to make the energy we call Usui Reiki any better.

When a person tries to make universal energy better or tries to direct it, he or she creates inharmonic vibrations.  Japanese styles of Usui Reiki are not better than Western styles, they simply focus on the simple yet profound universal wisdom instead of creating training wheels such as Reiki symbols.

You go to a medical doctor because there is something wrong with you and he gives the wrong a name.  With Japanese Usui Reiki you go to  a practitioner or Shihan to have your mind, body and spirit return to its natural state of well-being for you at that junction in time.  With Japanese Usui Reiki there is never anything wrong with any life form, it is simply that at time some cells/atoms are out of balance causing symptoms that make life difficult to enjoy.

Usui Reiki Ryoho complements professional medical care and all other positive healing modalities.


Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai place emphasis on spiritual unfoldment through the practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho (healing art) aiming for enlightenment leading to  “satori”. Mikao Usui’s original purpose was for the personal and spiritual growth that would be experienced through the system he developed; “to know one’s true purpose in life and be content to heal oneself and find one’s spiritual path, and ultimately achieve satori”.


Knowing your true-self and expanding upon that is much better then trying to be a replication of models other people present to you.


 The teachings of my three Reiki teachers that I consider primary, and pieces of other Usui Reiki styles that honor the essence of Mikao Usui’s original teachings reflect in my way of life. 


What I teach is complementary healing that comes from balancing the mind, body and spirit and surrounding with harmony.  In the hours of study my students discover that the spiritual practice Mikao Usui founded goes far beyond what is commonly thought of as hands-on-healing.   One of the things I teach in my  Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai classes is how to allow the vibrations we call Reiki to flow into all atoms.  

After Reiki energy circles adding a restroom to my healing studio I decided to take a photographs to send to a friend.  As you see to your left, my dog slipped into the photo.  The camera captured something else as well — the energy within my healing studio. If you look closely you can see what is felt but not always seen with the human eye. 

To the left of my dog are three circles. These are energy circles showing that Usui Reiki not only fills the atoms making up a life form, but also flows into those atoms we call air.

While the mind, body and spirit are best when in balance and surrounded by harmony, we are also at our best when the environment around us is in balance and with harmony. 

In the Shoden level is an exercise to remove from material items or an area, any inharmonic vibrations and replace with universal love and harmony which brings balance.


Through Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai you can learn how to connect and weave vibrations of that endless supply of universal energy into your every day life.

Japanese styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho do not compete with any other healing modality; Japanese styles of Usui Reiki support and enhance other positive healing modalities.   Another of my Usui Reiki Shihans from the 1990s focuses on clarity, which is essential when opening up to a greater awareness on the path to enlightenment that can uncover the true universal you. This awareness happens in the space created once your pathway to universal energy is opened and you have spent hours in study and practice. In this space you learn how to transform any disharmony in mind, body or spirit back to its natural state of well being, which is commonly called healing in the way that is best for you.


 Vis medicatrix naturae (the healing power of life) is naturally inside all of us, it is affected by all that is around us, and like Ki is stronger in some then in others.  Your Ki and all your authentic abilities are enhanced through the study of Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho. 




 Many things can be learned from a book or in a one-day class, but the spiritual practice of Usui Reiki Ryoho is not one of these things. The empowerments (attunement) you receive are just the beginning.   


Each level in Usui Reiki Ryoho requires time for your mind, body and spirit to assimilate with that which is new to you. Universal energy will begin to flow as soon as your pathway has been opened by a qualified Usui Reiki Shihan (teacher), but to resonate with this energy new to you and embrace Byosen Reikan ho takes time and practice. 

Children that begin at a very young age can usually blend easily with the feel of universal energy.  None of the cells/atoms in your mind, body or spirit instantly accept and resonate with anything new, regardless of your desire, finances, ethnic background, or formal education. Nevertheless with time and your desire it can happen.


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 Having a copy of Hawayo Takata’s (one of the 21 students Chujiro Hayashi raised to the teacher’s level) original transcript, I have an awareness of how Western distorted stories were created by taking pieces of whole thoughts and not understanding cultural differences.  Translations errors have also occurred since 1926.   Because I began studying styles of Usui Reiki developed in North America, and  in the 1980s bought  books with the noun Reiki in the title I can answer many questions about other styles of Usui Reiki.  


There are practices that include the Japanese noun Reiki or Rei in the name, which  have no connection to the method that Mikao Usuji founded through his connection wtih universal unconditonal love and harmony.  These styles are not wrong, and most do no harm — they are simply different than the styles honoring the essence of Usui Sensei and an actual piece of universal energy.


Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai come directly from Japan and honor the the original method Mikao Usui founded in 1922, Usui Reiki Ryoho.   They help you to learn to look beyond the everyday chaos and bench your ego unless needed for survival. 


 There are things that can taint the pure universal  energy flowing through a person.  In my Gendai Reiki Ho and Komyo Reiki Kai classes I explain how this happens and guide to the various cleansing exercises.


Everything in our world gives off its own vibration. The form of universal energy commonly called Reiki contains the universal vibrations of unconditional love and harmony, the most powerful of vibrations.   Consequently, Reiki that is pure can enhance everything and requires nothing to increase its strength. This leaves the Reiki practitioner and Shihan in a wonderful space of freedom, never having to depend upon material objects, charts in books, or anything other then trust in universal wisdom.  


The powerful backbone of Usui Reiki Ryoho teachings is the three concepts from which the Gokai sprouted. The five short lines of the Gokai reflect the Dalai Lama’s wisdom as he wrote, “confidence arising automatically and worry and anxiety diminish”. Letting go of the negative, accepting, and living in the present moment are some of the things you can learn through Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki.


A common reaction when feeling stuck is to back up or spin your wheels , which most often results staying in one place and making a mess.  Mikao Usui’s first awakening gave the foundation for taking a different path and his second awakening expanded that further. 

Some factual history of this gentle yet powerful energy commonly called Reiki appears on the What is Reiki page.   If your personal experience tells you that the saying, “another door opens when one closes” is not true, perhaps you were so focused on the door that closed that you did not even notice the one that opened.   Learning this spiritual practice that Mikao Usui founded helps you to focus on the now, so that you are aware of the opening doors.   Reiki has helped many people overcome some very difficult physical and emotional challenges. Reiki does not replace crisis professional medical care, but is reduces the need for such things as pain medication.

Usui Reiki Ryoho is a natural process as opposed to a cure that masks or eliminates symptoms. Reiki practitioners and Shihans  follow a different path than conventional healing modalities.  Even so, all Reiki practitioners and Reiki Shihans  have one or more certificate(s) from a qualified Reiki Shihan (teacher), and can show you his or her energy and technique lineage back to Mikao Usui.  

You can view some of my certificates and energy lineages on my bio page.    Universal energy flowing through you does not depend on movements, tones, colors, or additions of any kind. It requires a body to flow through who has been initiated (empowerment/attunement) and guided by a qualified Reiki Shihan.

Once your pathway/channel has been successfully opened you are the vessel through which universal love and harmony will always flow.   Nevertheless, like your drinking glasses that you are constantly washing, your pathway/channel must be kept clear or the universal energy flowing through can resemble pure spring water drunk from a dirty glass. Reiki unaltered and allowed to flow purely will not cause any harm of any kind.

Each time your pathway to universal energy is opened wider (empowerment/attunement) you are able to connect with more cords within the vibrations of universal unconditional love and harmony. The exercises help to connect more fully.  Reiki symbols can be the greatest obstacle to truly knowing in your heart the form of universal energy that flows through you once your channel has been opened. You may  forget what you have memorized in your mind, but what you know in your heart stays with you.


Reflecting back on books/movies the hero/heroine often finds personal growth through the energy of love. In many cases, the hero/heroine thinks about walking away from the gift offered to him or her because the true strength/power of the energy is not recognized. Sometimes a person is too busy with modern technology to recognize the true power of universal energy.


The study of Reiki over a few months or years gives each person the time and support to assimilate the experience so that the strength/power of universal energy can be recognized.   If you face the palms of your hands toward each other and slowly move them back and forward, you can feel your own energy. When you walk barefoot or lie on the earth, and quiet your mind you can feel the earth’s form of energy. Now imagine being able to blend cords from the universal vibrations of love and harmony with these forms of energy.


If you have decided you would like to study either Gendai Reiki-ho or Komyo Reiki in Pre-Shoden for Children — Shoden Level I — Okuden Level II — Shinpiden Level III –Gokuikaiden (teaching level) Level IV.  at Natural Healing & Learning Center, certified by Gendai Reiki Kyokai, is located in Windsor Maine, USA look at either the Reiki training page of classes and workshops.    I will also travel to various locations to teach if there is a group of people wanting to learn.

Please note that every level is honorable, and every level helps you to personally grow in the way that is best for you.   If you decide to complete more than one level, you will feel a gradual yet steady rise in the potency of what flows through your body, as long as you continue to practice and your channel is kept clear. Once you can feel that pure white light flowing within and through you, you can blend it into any area of your life. This blending does not make the universal energy that flows

As said on the Learning Reiki page —  You cannot be given mastery of an art/practice with a certain number of dollars or after studying for a certain number of hours. To know an art/practice it demands great discipline and only begins to take shape when you actually have become as one with the art/practice. A Shihan (master instructor) cannot make anyone a master, so next time you hear someone say I am a Reiki master you might want to probe  just a bit.

Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki Kai embrace the essence of what Mikao Usui called the secret to Health and Happiness.  On the What is Reiki page you will find more basic information on Usui Reiki Ryoho.



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